Time to make the difference! :D

First of all I want to say thanks to all of those who commented in my last few blogs and actually liked them! :slight_smile: I feel great by that and some comments are amazing so thanks!

Well, today I want YOU to make the difference! Make something cool that makes people know more about diabetes! For example, I gave away some bulletins about diabetes the other day! It was an activity I enjoyed doing and Im looking forward to do this again but with my friends who kindly volunteered! :slight_smile:

Tell me what you’re planning to do through a comment! :smiley:

If you want to see the video were I give away this bulletins click here

Ms.Positive :smiley:

Always remember that we can best help by presenting ourselves as real people. The more people know, the more they feel comfortable and not afraid. I am a teacher (7th grade, the year of the hormones). The first day of school all 100+ of my kids get a crash course in what to do if I crash – I explain what is diabetes and that I’m ok. They are all very cool because they know what to do if I need them to get help, get my med kit or just get me an apple out of the classroom fridge. They began to feel not ignorant and nervous but informed and confident. They start asking questions. As a treat they can come up and have lunch with me and we talk about healthy eating. On Fridays I email in my BS counts for the week and they know the phone call I get is the endo with any insulin changes. And all the diabetics come out of the closet because I give out Spongebob band aids after they test. Making a difference is making diabetes a positive to them. Now those kids won’t be as afraid of getting diabetes or dating a diabetic because they know a diabetic who is ok and lives well.

Its not really a campaign (good for you!) – its just a day to day path.

Haha this is awesome. Actually it’s funny because today at work I am just fnishing a display for a health fair that I’m doing at one of the local elementary schools. And believe me… it is pretty cool. Complete with Tudiabetes banner and all. Thanks for the comment btw, keep in touch :slight_smile:

Good video, Ms. Positive. Given that opposites attract, are you with Mr. Negative :-P. Just kidding :-).