Pump is here

Ok so i got my pump today was a pretty big box!!! anyway i got a appointment wednesday with educator rather not wait but i dont remember my basal so it seems i need too

Congratulations! Yes, I was surprised how big the box was too, but it had 3 months worth of supplies. Wednesday isn’t very far away and you can start reading the manual and doing the settings. Enjoy! Are you doing saline first or right to insulin?

no im not wasting time with saline ive had a pump before just need to get my basal set which i forget what it was but i will be right on insulin the 1st day

Yay! for you. i ordered my pump today, should have it monday or tuesday…cannot wait! never had one before so am very excited!! let me know how you make out once you’re live…i have to wait till the 10th =(

What pump are you getting kim? I have a pink Ping and love it. My dexcom is due Wedesday!

As someone who considers himself very technically literate, I would highly recommend you wait to see your educator before connecting the pump to yourself.

I misunderstood a couple of the settings on it that could have seriously jeopardized my life, and the educator was able to explain things to me.

Remember, this thing can deliver a potentially lethal dose of insulin into your body in a matter of seconds.

true though ive had a pump before and am pretty knowledgeable also i had to pay for the session anyway so im just gonna wait otherwise its a waste of money

i ordered the green ping. my kids laughed cause green is my favourite colour, so obviously i picked green, although purple was a close 2nd!! LOL!

i got the black one it will match my dexcom!!! :slight_smile:

I met with the trainer and was glad I did even though I switched directly from Minimed to Animas and had been pumping for 8 years at that time. I’m also technically savvy for the most part. There’s differences in how the different things are programmed and in how it calculates doses. Doing it myself without instruction would have taken me a lot longer as I was too used to how Minimed did things. I just got a new pump yesterday (a warranty replacement) and even after a year’s use I had to review a couple of things before I could program it from scratch. The training did go quickly though.

Interestingly enough I ended up having to reduce my basal rate by 10% when I switched because of differences in how the pump delivers basal.

That makes sense. I actually liked being on saline for five days because it gave me time to get used to pushing the buttons and programming things, but it was my first pump.

Awesome!!! Wednesday will be here before ya know it!!!

That is awsome you got the pump. I like the black one and my next one will be the black one as well coming from pink lol. Glad to hear you got training scheduled so soon. Waiting sucks but I’ve been pumping almost 18 yrs and I still go to the training when I swap models. Just a good refresher.

Good luck and let us know how you like the ping.

We received my son’s new Ping last Friday (replacement for Cozmore). I hooked it up Friday night. So far, I’ve increased his basal about 8%, and I’m guessing we’ll end up somewhere around 10%.

While we like his new pump well enough, it doesn’t compare to his Cozmore. So much more button pushing! I also don’t like the 200 unit cartridge. We’d been using about 260 units in 3 days, so we’re putting in more insulin on the second day. I still think that the Ping is more comparable to the Cozmore than the Revel would be. He’s been using Dexcom since September (after his Navigator died), so I didn’t want to switch to the minimed sensors.

He’s using the straight insets. So much more complicated than the Cleos! Those I just unscrewed the cap, stuck it to his belly and inserted.


yes the insets are complicated so they have no pain

Dawn, you know you can use the Cleos with the Ping, right? If those work for him, I’d sure leave that the same. I’m in the process of trying to find an infusion set that I like better than the Insets, which kink on me a lot. I’ve got a sample of Orbit Micros coming and I have a sample of the Animas Contact Detach, both steel sets, that I’m going to try.

Yes, I do know that, and I have a lot of Cleos to use up! We decided to try the insets right away, since he’s never used anything else. Jonathon said right away that he didn’t even feel the inset go in, so we will be switching completely over to the insets once my stockpile of Cleos are gone. Thank you!

yes i dont feel the insets either i thought the quick sets were great before i tried these but the insets are just as good without the pain of the jab!