The moment y'all been waiting for

My insurance company approved the pump!!! Annndddd it should be in my hands on Monday…apparently green is popular so they are getting more on Friday and my stuff gets shipped!!! Yay!!! I almost want to eat a huge meal lol…I can’t believe ill be pumping soon!!! It feels like a dream!!! And once my ping is in my hand ill be writing that huge vent I have about this whole process. But I just had to tell you guys that I’m finally getting my ping!!! And I will have questions once I first begin…and ill be able to get my tally gear and all that great stuff…I plan to email the rep I’ve been dealing with at animas with getting samples of thr different infusion sets so I can try it…I want to try the orbit micro but their site says no samples at this time and don’t want to order them if I don’t like them.


Amy, I don’t know which to say first, congratulations or finally! I hope that they don’t drag out the rest of the process too long, but at least it will be in your hands! I saw ICU wasn’t giving samples right now - I was going to give the link to someone else. That surprised me.

Kelly…I would say finally than congrats lol…I know getting the appt won’t be a pain in my butt but it will feel good to have my pump finally…I may have to ask if I can get a sample of it somehow…but if not oh well…I don’t think I’m gonna be able to sleep well the next few days due to excitement of getting the pump…I know on Monday ill be bouncing off the walls hehe


Getting it was probably the biggest hurdle so at least you know you have it! ICU has a form to give insurance info and find a vendor so you might want to just fill that out & ask if you can have a sample. The worst they can say is no!

I knew your day would come soon, Amy! Now, take a deep breath. Do you have an appointment set up with your trainer or do you have to wait until you get the box. (That’s what I did, but she called me back the same day and scheduled the day to come over a day after that. Meanwhile I pushed buttons and set up the date and everything.

Congratulations. I know you are walking five feet off the ground because I certainly did when I knew mine was approved and being shipped. I wanted to try the Orbit infusion set as well, but found they aren’t shipping samples. Maybe if we keep checking, they will open it back up again. Anyway, I’m very happy for you.

Rather than decide which is more appropriate - I’ll just sum up the two with a big WOO HOO! You are so going to love it! As for the color – I’ve opted for silver with a skin wardrobe to change up the color when the mood hits.

It was a huge hurdle…I keep saying I should’ve of done this yrs ago…but can not wait!!!

I’m going to call her tomorrow…I can’t do the foundations to pumping untiil feb 8th as they do it 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month…I rather do it sooner but oh well…so hopefully I can get it in there sooner than looking at my ping…I will set it up with the date and such…but what type of battery do I use again??? I want to stock up now so when it arrives I can be ready.

I am more than that right now :-)…I’m like pinch me am I not dreaming…I need to finish reading the workbook…I haven’t touched the pdf since I took the can class…I hope orbit renews free samples…I like the look of it so I’m curious.

I do keep hearing that ill love it hehehe…and I can’t wait…no more shots!! That excites me…just push a button and no pain…corrections will be easier, etc…oh I can not contain myself one bit

Yup it is excellent :slight_smile:

It comes with a battery for the pump and one for the remote, but you will use Lithium AA’s for your pump and regular AA batteries for your meter remote. I actually just got a box of each to have for spares today.

So you have to wait until after you do the foundations to pumping course or will your trainer come out and hook you up with saline soon as you get the pump?

Do you mean the 75 page workbook online? Just thought I’d warn you the pump comes with a 215 page manual! I read through it but more importantly I used it for step to step guides to programming stuff on the pump and to refer back to when I need an answer now. There’s a lot to learn so it’s good you’re riding on your excitement!

The foundations class covers the saline part…its 5 hours long oy…but I know once I’m up and running ill be a happy camper

Yeah the workbook I’ve been reading here and there but a manual is fine!! Gives me something to read and what not :slight_smile:

My first day of class is feb 8th (zoe you’ll be in your one month of pumping by then smile). Getting the batteries now otherwise ill forget later and knowing me, buy the wrong batteries…going to order the tally gear as well so I am ready to go from day 1. Am I missing anything?? I know once I get the pump to order the program and the skin. But I feel like I’m missing something.

Wow you remember my start date! No, I don’t think you’re forgettng anything, except to maybe breath…lol

So you go to class after you have the trainer come to your house and start you on your pump? This is so different from my experience that I keep not understanding it!

My pump is arriving today and I can not contain myself at all.

Of course I remember start date :). I can’t breathe right now haha. I will be learning the pump in a 5 hour session at Joslin. I will be on saline and then I go live. So my start date is 2/8/11. And I can not wait at all. I think its ok not to understand it. Its a learning experience on something new. I know for me it will be hard to get myself to say oh wait, I can go ahead and eat and not wait 15 mins, or I dont need to get my supplies to do a correction shot, etc. that will be the hard part for me