So im new to this site and thought i would just tell alittle about myself. Im 19 and have been a diabetic since i was 13. At first i did real well with managing my diabetes but as i got older i hated it and just kind of put it to the side thinking that nothing would happen if i didnt take care of it. i was in the hospital a few times a year for about two years. Then i gained alittle weight and i freaked out and figured out the i could use my diabetes to control my weight by letting my sugars get high. So then i lost a bunch of weight and got down to 100 pounds, was very unhealty, and then it finally hit me that if i want to live a good life then i need to get my ■■■■ together. so by my senior year in high school i finally started to take good care of my diabetes. my sugars were back to where they were suppost to be, my A1Cs were in the 5 and 6’s, and i was getting back to a health weight, Then i started college classes at our community college and in september found out that i was six months pregnant. I was so scared and happy at the same time. I moved in with my boyfriend a few months before that and he was very excited. Then in december of 08 i had my sweet little boy Aden. But i have finally gotten my diabetes under control. I wont lie though i do still have some trouble every now and then. I do also fuss about my weight but i know that i got to keep it together so i can be there for my sons life. well thats the jist of my story theres more to it but thats the basic.

Welcome to TuDiabetes Corrin! Thanks for sharing your story…

I’m so glad that you were able to manage your blood sugars. I think that we ALL have trouble now and then!

You should check out our group related to pregnancy. (there is a place to show off your baby pictures there too :slight_smile:

ok i will most def. check out that group