So much for help

Before I start, I’ll say this happened a while ago, but I just feel like complaining :slight_smile:

This happened on another site. I went there just to ask a simple question, and it became a game of 20 questions.

I asked a simple question about a teacher (kind of a what would you do? scenario) , and I had about 5 people tell me that the situation would never happen to them because they had 504 plans… Ok that’s nice, I would get one if I could, but I can’t.

The reason why: I don’t have any doctor that sees me for my diabetes. I tell these people this, and they just go off on me! And they started to ask accusatory questions to try to see if I was “for real.” Apparently, my story is too unbelievable to be true. A young adult, 18, with no doctor, and parents in control of all financial decisions. In the end, it got locked because it became a giant flame war.

I have decided to stop asking questions on that site. It just gets on my nerves when people with over 8000 posts, the “senior” members, the ones that you should go to for advice, berate you for situations outside of your own control.

All I want to say is Thank you Tudiabetes for believing me.

So sorry for your bad experience… I guess online communication can be misunderstood sometimes. I hope that things are better for you here =)

That stinks! No one should ever be berated & certainly not for things beyond his control. Sorry, that must have hurt.

I don’t know much about 504 plans since I live in Canada and I don’t know all about your other conversation. I do not find your story unbelieveable although a bit different than mine. I was 17/18 living on my own with no Doctor. They were paid for by the tax-payer/Gov. for everyone but I just hated to have to go to see a Dr. at a set time. I looked after myself Diabetes-wise mostly from the little that I knew(okay not always the best results). I didn’t realize how complicated a disease that it was/is back then, of course. I usually just bought my Insulin out of pocket cuz it didn’t cost much. If I had an unrelated ailment, I just went to a walk-in clinic. I hope that you do Well and receive the help that you need.

Why don’t you move out?

I don’t have a job… or a car to get to a job…