I work at a hospital. One of the cardiac doctors here just said "Really? You're diabetic? You're too young to be diabetic!"

Put this with all the dumb things that have been said to me about diabetes over the years. Right up there with "You'll grow out of that, right?"

You, Sir, are fired.

Find out who pays this man's paycheck!

Whoever it is shouldn't bother!

I think I'm going to slip pamphlets on diabetes in his inbox....

Wow, I've never heard something so absurd. I recently had a student doctor comment on my use of a insulin pump as 'ridiculous'. He wasn't even treating me, he just glanced at my chart while another student was reviewing it. Thankfully, my student correct him and his attitude. I think he was judging me because I am T2 using a pump, what he didn't know is I have sporadic absorption at different times of the day and my pancreas toast. I don't produce insulin and I have insulin resistance and some other complications. I need to be on a pump.

That's unbelievable. Some people are just so ignorant it's shocking!!