And You're a Doctor?

A recent visit to a specialist (non-diabetes related) showed me just how uneducated everyone is when it comes to diabetes. New post here.

I know…I feel you sistah! I can’t believe how short she was with you on arrival…talk about first impressions! Hopefully she was able to help you with your ears.
I asked my old endo about having more children and if it was a good idea…his response…Well, you got pregnant the first time!!! What??? Really??? He was supposed to impart some wisdom on me about the risks, dangers, etc…of having more kids as a diabetic. Needless to say, I switched endo’s after that conversation. How uninterested can one doctor be?

Actually, I am not surprised she didn’t know much about an insulin pump. In the past 7 years with my pump, I have had to explain the basics of how it works to a number of medical folks. They just don’t see them very often. As much as we would like not to have to explain, they don’t spend everyday with diabetes like we do. This doctor sounds like she needs an attitude adjustment, but I’d cut her some slack on her lack of knowledge on the pump. Hopefully, she knows a lot more about ears, noses and throats! How much would you expect your endo to know about ENT?

It’s funny, Bruce. I don’t expect all doctors to know the ins-and-outs of diabetes, but to know that an insulin pump requires human intervention seems very basic to me. Tt would be a HUGE breakthrough in the diabetes world if someone invented an insulin pump that knew how much insulin it needed to give, when to give it, etc. It would essentially be an external, artificial pancreas - that would be big news, and I would expect the medical community to know about it.

I would be pretty disappointed if my endo couldn’t recognize an ear infection or tonsil issue, or didn’t know the basic workings of ocular implants. I know many in the medical field, and all had to learn about more than just their specialty. I guess it’s a case of memorizing information for the test, then forgetting it all the next day. That’s just not what I look for in a doctor.

Unsurprising. I don’t expect anyone to know anything about how a pump works outside of my endo’s office. Most people also think diabetes is curable, or contagious.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience, Shannon. I guess I’ve been fortunate in that all of my current doctors seem to have a general knowledge of the others’ specialties. Although I’m currently without a PCP, my endo, urologist, gastrologist, and (especially) my transplant team are incredible. Here’s hoping you find a good ENT soon. Love you, honey.