Funny insuling pump story

Last summer my nephew and his 2 friends came for a visit. (They're 18 years old.) On about the 3rd day of their visit the the subject of my diabetes came up, and the fact that I use an insulin pump. I was surprised to find out that my nephew didn't know that I had a pump. I asked him what he thought I was doing when I took out my pump at mealtimes to give myself a bolus, he replied that he just thought I was being rude and texting my friends!!!!

How funny! Nope, you were texting your pancreas:)

I had mine out, in my lap at a restaurant, and my friends thought I was saying grace! I am known to be irreligious.


I have had people ask why I still haves beeper - it is 2010.

At least now he knows that you aren't rude!

Waaay back when I first got mine I was told it would look like I had a cell phone. That was the only way a Dr could make me agree to one. And like Kelly says now he knows your not rude! LOL!