Software compatibility (Mac and Dexcom)?

Is the Dexcom 7 Plus software compatible with Macintosh OS 10.5.8 (Leopard)?

Thank you in advance.


As Lorraine said, the quick answer is no, Danny.

A more complete answer is this: I have been able to run the Dexcom software on my Mac by using a virtualization software like VMware Fusion or Parallels, though. It’s like having a second PC that runs Windows within your Macintosh, and you do so concurrently. So you have your normal Mac running Safari and iCal, and the Dexcom software (and any other Windows software) running in the virtual machine with Windows XP, Vista or 7.

On the contrary, the Bootcamp solution offered by Apple does not allow for concurrent operations between Mac OS X and Windows, since you need to select at boot whether to startup in Mac OS X or Windows.

Let me know if you need more information.

Ciao, Luca

Has anyone tried using Wine (Darwine, etc) to run Dexcom software? I haven’t used the Dexcom in almost two years, but I believe it was just a .NET software, so it should be sort of portable.

Hmmmm Brendan, just checked the Darwine page on SourceForge and the fact that the footer of the page mentions year 2005 is not a good start… then I read some pages and they talk about support for Panther (10.3).

Not sure if this would be a viable solution these days, quite frankly. Looks like it’s way outdated.

Ciao, Luca

Why pay for virtualization… People. try VirtualBox… its free…