Dexcom and Macintosh

I’m starting the process of trying to get a Dexcom Seven + and I have a question for the Mac users in the group, if there are any. Has anyone downloaded Parallels to run the DM3 software on their Mac? Did it work OK?

All these discussions are really helpful to read through and Bernard’s video was excellent–thanks Bernard!


I don’t run Parallels anymore. I’ve been using Apples Bootcamp and love it. It’s so stable. I’m running Vista and the Dexcom software works just fine. I don’t see any issue with using it with Parallels either though. Parallels just gives the the ability to run Windows inside of the Mac OSX in a virtual environment. The only reason I don’t use it anymore was it’s lack of support for Firewire.


the lack of support for Firewire within the virtualization environment affects both Parallels and VMware Fusion, so Bootcamp is the only alternative if you have a device such as a camera or a scanner that needs direct access to the Firewire interface from the devices software.

But if you need to connect a printer or a hard drive, then a workaround might make things work fine, read here:

and here:

So yes, Firewire support is an issue, but luckily most recent devices have now changed to USB, and that is fully supported in virtualized environments, so I am betting that our Seven+ will work fine under Parallels or Fusion.

Infact, let me take a stab at this later today, I will install the DM3 software on a VMware Fusion Windows XP virtual machine and report back about what happened.

Ciao, Luca

Quick update, I have installed DM2 on a Windows XP virtual machine under VMware Fusion, and it worked right away without any problems. I then performed the update to DM3, and likewise no problem whatsoever. The Seven + was recognized right away when connected to the USB port, and the data was downloaded fine.

I use Fusion, but trust that Parallels should work equally well, Laura.

Ciao, Luca

Me=Mac+Parallels+DM3=works fine.


The other reason why I don’t use VMWare Fusion or Parallels is that I train companies all over the country on different color management rips (Raster Image Processors) in the printing industries. They just don’t work well under the virtual environment. The Firewire issue was due to several hard drives I had that I used under both the Mac OSX side and Windows.

The other issue was due to the fact that you can’t switch between bootcamp and Parallels/Fusion without having your user account messed up and having to re-license Windows. So I just decided that Bootcamp was the better choice. And it’s been great.

I did install Parallels again on another Mac I have and installed Windows XP SPK3 with the Dexcom 3 software as well. And it works just fine and sees the receiver. So I’ve had no issues under Bootcamp/Vista or Parellels/XP.

I just wish that Dexcom would make their software run native in Mac OSX. That’s my only gripe.