Software for Freestyle

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Comment by Khürt Williams 1 day ago
I use HealthEngage Diabetes software on my Mac ( there is also a Windows version ). It works with the FreeStyle Flash and OneTouch meters.

Comment by Brigitte 1 day ago
I use the freestyle papillon mini. Is there a software with it? Or may be I don’t understand all… Emmy wrote " I print off a copy" ??? Please give me some informations??

Comment by Emmy 1 day ago
I also like the software that comes with this meter. Its simple and easy to use. My doctors and diabetes nurse also like it. I print off a copy of my records for them and they can see at a glance what’s going on with my blood sugar.

I currently use the Co-Pilot software that is a free download, if you have the connector cable. Interestingly, Abbott says – and appears to supply – only a serial cable, but the online suppliers listed on that page appear to sell a USB cable as well. Abbott also supplies as a free download Precision Link software, which it says is meter-agnostic (will work with most meters).

Third-party software tools, such as Health Engage Diabetes and DIABASS are often not free, but provide features not found in the bundled software. (For example, I believe the Abbott software only works under Windows.)

For our UK members, Abbott offers both Precision Link and Freestyle Connect software. The data cable can be purchased by calling Freephone 0500 467 466 Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 5.30pm.

For our Canadian members: the Freestyle Flash (US) and the Freestyle Mini (Canada) appear to be the same meter, with the Abbott versions of the Flash hard-coded for English units and the Mini hard-coded for metric units. While the Abbott Canada has no direct link to either the data cable or the software, the FAQ for the mini confirms that these are available.
Near as I can tell, either the UK software (does not appear to require pre-registration) or the US software should work.

Brigitte: from what I’m seeing about the Papillon Mini, it appears not to have a data port? (There is very little information on Abbott’s French site.) If the meter is capable of downloading data to your computer, you should find somewhere on it a small, round opening that could fit in a mini headphone jack. I’m not seeing any links for either a data cable or software on Abbott’s site for France, so it’s possible that the connection is not available in your market.

I found the small hole on one side of my little freestyle. In France there’s no software for it. I 'll call Abbott next monday, maybe they can give me the English software. My computer is a Mac. Thank you.

So far, the only software I’ve seen from Abbott is PC-specific (it looks like Co-Pilot, Precision Link, and Freestyle Connect are all PC-only), so you may need to purchase the HealthEngage Diabetes software, which supports Macintosh. The standard Freestyle cable is a serial cable, but if you go to either Mini Pharmacy or Diabetic Express, it looks like they both sell a USB cable for the Freestyle (I have one on order from Mini Pharmacy, since they said they do free shipping – I am completely annoyed with having to hook up a port replicator in order to connect the serial cable!). It looks like Mini Pharmacy should be able to ship world-wide, but I’m not sure.

At any rate, please do contact Abbott Customer Care, as you will need to verify that the Papillon Mini will indeed read out on software designed for the US/UK Flash or the UK/Canadian Mini.


Do you know if the HealthEngage software will work with the Freestyle Lite meter and with a Palm Centro? Thanks in advance.


I e-mailed customer service in both France and the US. We’re on holiday today so I don’t expect a response from US customer service until tomorrow. French customer service says they’re out of stock (without specifying if that’s the cable, the software, or both), but suggest you call for complete information:

Nous sommes actuellement en rupture de stock pour une période indéterminée.

Pour tout complément d’information, nous restons à votre entière disposition au numéro vert 0800 10 11 56 (Appel de France, appel gratuit à partir d’un poste fixe) ou au 01 45 60 34 34 (appel de l’étranger).

US customer service got “French” confused with “Franco-Canadian” and told me, “Unfortunately, at this time we do not have any data management program
available for FreeStyle users in Canada. We are working to have a
software program available by the middle of 2008.”

They offered to put my name on a mailing list to be informed, which I have done, mentioning and that we’d all be interested in getting information on any updates and upgrades.

Yesterday I called Abbott France and asked them if there is a software… In one or two weeks they will get co-pilot software, only for PC not for Mac, and it will be on Windows XP,not on Vista. I don’t know what do you think about Vista but here, in France some people are happy with this and some people are not. But today if you buy a computer, a new one, there only Vista on it…So why a software for Windows XP?? I have a Mac. I was a little angry and the woman on the phone at Abbott said to me that she will send me a software (free) Diabase for PC, windows xp. One of my sister has a PC and used windows XP.
In a few days I will send a letter to Abbott USA, to ask them why we, French people, have no software with the freestyle. Even in English. So, after all I’m happy because they will send me a gift! thank you to all because I never heard about software for my little freestyle without you.

In the US, we have to purchase the cable, either alone or with software, and then (if we buy the cable alone) download the software… so it doesn’t “come with” the monitor, but it is “available for” the monitor.

The Microsoft Vista operating system does have some controversy about it, and given the cost of upgrading an existing computer, a lot of people have not yet bothered. Doing technical support, I’ve had customers who are still using Windows 98SE, are happy with it, and who don’t have the money or the inclination to upgrade. Right now, most Windows users are still using XP, and Co-Pilot is not the newest of programs on the market.

As a Macintosh user, you likely have two options: (1) run Windows software in an emulator (I understand PC/Windows emulators are commonly available for OS X 10.2 and later?), or (2) run native Macintosh software (i.e., programs made specifically to run on Macs).

Khürt has already mentioned that HealthEngage Diabetes has a native Macintosh version. You may need to either purchase a USB cable from or I think MiniPharmacy will ship internationally.

This morning I received : Abbott Diabetes Care USB data cable and its software, a freestyle data cable , and a software called Diabass 4 (not Diabase) a diabetesManagement software. All for PC. I will visit Health Engage Diabetes. Many thanks.

Glad to hear you got the cable. Mine is on order, expected to arrive early next week. I looked up DIABASS a week or two ago, since the driver for it is packaged along with the USB cable with one of the really, really cheap meters. It’s definitely PC-centric, and the mobile version was not readily available for purchase, either. (It also helps if you’re fluent in German, which I am not!)

I got my USB cable in two days ago. The CD that came with it was the USB drivers only (8.5Mb of USB drivers for one little cable?) Makes it a lot more convenient to upload the meter.

OTOH, Co-Pilot does not give me complete nutritional information, has only rudimentary exercise logging capability, and has no place for me to log things like blood pressure or heartrate.

I guess I’m still looking for the omnibus personal health management relational database application with custom outputs…

Okay, I am WAAAAY behind the eight ball here! I currently use Precision Xtra (altho I have a FreeStyle with my Cozmo pump) and do have a cable to attach it to my XP-running PC. I have also down loaded Co-Pilot AND I have the infrared reader for my pump. However, when I try to download, I keep getting error messages or something that says the software is not compatible. Can anyone give me step-by-step advice? I’d love to find an easy way to communicate long distance with my doc!

Thanks for that Khurt, I’ve been looking all over for Mac diabetic software … all i was ever finding was windows stuff … grrrz