The Glucose Meter selection

Well I started with the Accu-Chek Compact Plus (mainly because my 64 year old brother used it), and found some wild swings with the glucose numbers. (found later it was because I was getting my blood drop in a wimpy way, and not giving it full drops), so if I took two sticks in a row, one might be 250 and the next (within 20 seconds) 180., this happened several times, so I switched to the Freestyle Lite (which my Doctor had given me. I used that for about 2 months, and also had wild swings, but I liked the co-pilot software and stuck with it. During March of this year, I had some wierd glucose readings on the Freestyle, and received the recall letter from Abbott, so I switched back to the Accu-Chek Compact Plus, with the Accu-Chek 360 Program, and that is where I am today. I am kinda happy with it. I want (don’t know if I can do it) to get the Medtronic Paradigm REal-Time insulin pump, and it comes with the Onetouch Ultralink Glucose Meter, so if that happens I would probably move to the Onetouch and the Carelink Personal Software.
My friend (who is type 1) says, the most accurate meter is the Onetouch, anyone ?

I find them all to be fairly close. I just prefer the Freestyle Flash meters. One Touch requires a larger blood sample than I like, but their accuracy is generally very good.

I just installed the latest version of Accu-chek 360 ( ver 1.0.2 ) to support my CP meter on my laptop running Vista Home Premium (32 bit) . The software also supports the Roche insulin pump. I do not use a pump so I can’t comment on that function. The software and the IR reader come as a package direct from the Roche diabetes webcite for about $50 including shipping by Fedex.
I find the software easy to use with several unexpected features in addition to those one would expect. One surprise is a section to list all my medications which can print as a report. I would like a nickle for every time I have gone to a doctor and been asked to write out that list. Ditto with my medical history. There is a daily log with space for recording food consummed, excercise and meds taken right along side the meter readings… In addition there are many graphs and charts to analyse the BG readings. This software can be installed stand alone or on a network. It will handle tracking multiple patients. The IR transfer is rapid. The data can be exported in CVS form for transfer to other programs.