Solo4U Demo kit

I just received the Solo4U demo kit via Fed Ex this morning. Was wondering what other people think of it? I like the idea of being able to detach the insulin from the base and also not wasting 200u of insulin if the base gets knocked off. Hmm…wonder how much competition this new device will be for Insulet Corp.?

I would imagine that it will give it a great deal of competition. Plus it has the capability to bolus from the unit w/o the controller…this is an even better advantage, I think!! I said in a prior post…Insulet and OmniPod are going to have to step it up.

I haven’t gotten mine yet! :frowning: But I will say that I’d hate to have to go back to not having my glucose meter attached to my pump. It’s so convenient not to have to carry around extra stuff. There will be competition and it will be healthy for both companies. I’m looking forward to it.

It’s not water tight though. That’s a bit inconvenient for me because I love to swim. I saw one in my doc’s office that looks like it didn’t hold up to many disconnects and reconnecting. I’m still waiting to see my own demo.

Ah ha…then that would explain the reasoning behind the capability/necessity to disconnect. I’m awaiting my demo kit as well.

Could not agree with you more about not having to carry around extra stuff. Lately when I’ve used the meter that is part of the PDM, I have found a fair amount of ‘error messages’ with this particular batch of test strips. Never had that problem before. Out of a batch of 50 I’ve had at least 10 failures, not fond of that.

ME TOO!!! Error 3 message I think…

The biggest OmniPod deterrent seems to be its size. How does the size of the Solo stack up to the OmniPod?

Although I am glad to see competition in the patch pump market, the Solo doesn’t get me terribly excited. The only advantage seems to be delivery from the patch buttons, but too many unexpected detours to Hypoglycemiaville have taught me to always test my blood sugar before bolusing. Since that means I have to go to my PDM to check my blood sugar, no need to use the patch buttons.

Once the smaller pods are released and CGM integration is complete, I see the Solo as an even lesser threat. At that point, going the CGM-patch pump route with a Solo will require hauling around a controller, glucometer, and CGM reader, whereas OmniPod therapy will require only the PDM.

Have no clue what it is, does anyone know the website? I’d like to just check it out.

Guess everyone’s kits are starting to show up. Mine just arrived via FedEx. Let’s see what this is all about.

The solo ‘demo’ appears to be about as long but not as high as the OmniPod. Can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I found the Solo to be a little hard to detach from the base…then again I don’t have any instructions with it either so maybe I was just doing it wrong.

Has anyone heard when the smaller pods are due to be released?

I had a meeting with my CDE and local Insulet rep to see the new PDM. Because they were filling orders for upgrades to existing customers (that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling) my CDE did not have the new PDM. The rep told us that the new pods are expected to ship in 2010. He couldn’t get any more precise than that. I wore the demo of the current pod for three days with great success. The only problem I had was I placed it about 1/2" to high on my abdomen, and when I tried sleeping on my stomach, it dug into the edge of my ribs. That was minor, and didn’t stop me from filling out the paperwork to order my omnipod. I can’t wait. Twice in the last month I have OD’d on humalog. I grabbed the wrong pen and took 18 units of it instead of Levemir. Not fun.

I had never paid attention to the number on my error messages but I did today because…I got 3 of them in a ROW. Was not happy about that. I may try to reach someone at their customer service department come Monday morning. Maybe there is a bad batch of them. Wonder if they are all the same lot number or whatever they use to describe the different batches. :frowning: The strips aren’t cheap and then to lose 3 of them in one day, one after another.

I wonder who we would contact in regards to this? Insulet or Freestyle (Abbott)?

I haven’t received my demo kit yet. Anyone brave enough to post photos of it?

Here you go a side by side comparison

Hmm… doesn’t really seam any smaller. That’s a bit disappointing.

That is what I thought too, except the Solo isn’t as ‘tall’ as the OmniPod.

Kenneth - The lot number on my batch of Freestyle test strips is: 0907034 with an expiration of 08/2011. Any chance you still have the containers from your test strips and are they the same lot number? I’m going to try and call Freestyle (Abbott) because they are the ones who made the test strips.