Some fun bread-y food with nearly zero carbs

So a bit ago I promised Heidi and I would post some of the successes (we’ll skip the loads of failures) cooking various bread products using the zero carb whey isolate product we like - the first chunk of results can be found here:

Muffins and the french toast are my favorite but the muffins are not on the page yet - lemon muffins rule - I could go face down in a pile of those and they keep well, too. We’ll update the page with more info later…



Good stuff! BTW, do you have to let the sponge cake “dry out” abit before making it into your futuristic french toast. I know I use stale bread when I made regular french toast. Just curious - oh Master Zero Carb Bready-y Food Maker (phew - that’s a long title).

no, we just let it cool down first. Although you can make up a bunch and keep it in a tuperwear in the fridge (there’s a pile of about 12 sticks in there now for emergency french toast incidents - they happen). Be sure to let them soak up the egg mixture a bit before frying them. With the Walden Farms pancake syrup (zero everything) it comes in around 1 carb a stick. Not too shabby and I like them.

Oh My to eat french toast again…Yummy
Thank you for the recipes…and the way you show everything … I love it…
Now i am on a mission to find all these incredients…
as the kids say…You totally Rock Jeff…Lol

Thanks! Can’t wait to try these & will be checking back for more.

I have unflavored, unsweetened whey isolate protein powder (NOW brand). It’s low carb, but not zero carbs. Great to know there’s a brand with no carbs.

Something you might want to experiment with is wheat isolate protein 5000. Very low carb & high fiber that gives muffins, cookies, cakes more of a wheat texture. It’s available at Netrition if you want to check it out.

Gasp!!! Pizza? really? my bs thanks you! My taste buds weren’t suffering much, but I sure did feel guilty eating pizza

Pizza and sandwitch bread still need some tweeking, but they’re getting there - we’ll be trying some other mods and a different pan next week (tortilla maker). I described the pizza to heidi as akin to our old high school lunch room style.

Hey Gerri.

Yeah, wheat would be nice for texture (we’re experimenting with other fiber additives) - unfortunately Heidi’s gluten Intolerant which is why we’re working the whey so hard. Yeah, we’re a real thrill to have over for dinner let tell you!

Hey Jeff,

Sorry about the gluten. That’s a tough one. You & Heidi are welcome at our house for dinner any time.

In case you don’t know about them has some interesting substitutes. Some of their products are sold on Netrition. Expert Foods’ “Not Cereal” is gluten & wheat free. Problem is that their stuff is expensive.

Sent a pizza recipe to your home page.

Follow up - easily the funnest thing we’ve done so far is fry Heidi’s cake recipie (use the base cake and we added a little vanilla and cinn. for taste) and fried it in corn oil. Yeah, I know… but it’s quite good. We fried little strips of batter, makes odd shapped little crunchy sticks (big blobs of batter don’t work so well). Has something very close to a doughnut feel to it - reminds me of the elephant tails I used to get at the fair when I was a kid (like the ears only lines of batter instead of flattened dough). I even burned a few carbs and sprinkled some splenda powder on it. mmmmm… very tastey.

need to update the web page with some temperature and other tests we’ve been doing… first must go get on the treadmill - feeling a pinch bloated. Oh the sacrafices we make in the name of progress…

We appreciate your culinary sacrifices! I’m trying your French toast for breakfast tomorrow. Sounds wonderful & who can resist fried dough?