Some general consensus on life as a type 1

I might not be able to go to Tanzania this summer with my church to do some missionary work due to Diabetes. Just waiting to hear.

I am from England, so health insurance isn’t an issue.

I have never been pregnant

I am not on the pump (fighting to get on it) but I go low half way through sex most of the time

-if you couldn’t get a job you wanted
I did not pursue certain jobs due to their lack of health benefits - my degree is in Broadcast News, and many small market television stations where people start out have crap benefits. I had already had diabetes for ten years when I entered the market, so I needed good benefits. Also, I would have tried to go the Naval Academy, but Type 1 is a no-go for any military job. Of jobs I actually applied for, though, Diabetes was never an issue. I just did not bring it up in interviews or make a big deal of it while on the job.

-if you were able to get health insurance (I’m a student)
I always made sure my jobs had good health insurance benefits - even if it meant taking a job I didn’t always like for a little while. Now I am insured through my husband.

-if pregnancy changed your health permanently
Yes, pregnancy has changed my health permanently - BUT it sounds like you are new to the Type 1 game and I had already had it for almost 14 years when I had my first baby. I have had kidney changes and numerous and retinopathy issues since having my babies (four lazer treatments after baby 1, 12 during and after my pregnancy with baby 2), even with strict care and monitoring during both my pregnancies. Knowing what I know now, I would do it over again - if you want a baby, it is hard to suppress that urge. The less time diabetes has had to work on your body prior to pregnancy, it seems the less long term effects you should have - but I am no doctor. My children are the best thing that ever happened to me - they were worth it!

-if sex became uncomfortable/embarassing with pump
I am very self-conscious, I ALWAYS remove my pump before doing the deed. I dated and got married while on the pump, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Best of luck to you! It is a scary, confusing road sometimes!

More on pregnancy …
Despite going from 4 injections a day to 6 (I was on syringes 12 years ago, before my healthy son was born), keeping within a very tight blood sugar range (70-90 mg/dl) as much as I could, and wandering around in a constant state of feeling low, it was surprisingly easy to maintain strict, strict control during my one and only pregnancy. Had the best A1Cs (and fructosamines) of my life!

But, I did find that after the arrival of my bundle of joy, it was more difficult to take the time needed to care for my diabetes. Screaming, hungry baby vs. taking a shot a full 30 minutes before the meal … reading story books vs. exercising … up at night teething vs. getting adequate sleep. Most of the time, I chose the child over the chronic condition. I don’t regret it. Many people obviously juggle it all much better than I did.

I suspect that some eye complications I’ve started to show have occured sooner because my care slacked off during those baby-raising years. But, I don’t know that for sure. The good news is, life got a lot easier in terms of diabetes care when junior started first grade! Or maybe I just grew up a little, too :slight_smile:

I think it is good to know, going into parenthood, that a parent with diabetes has a few more challenges in life. But then, so do parents in general, and parents who use wheelchairs, and single parents, and parents of special needs children. It’s all part of life’s rich pageant.

Well, i guess like everbody said

Jobs - not really well i dont have a pump, i take shots 2 times a day. So when i had to do it and i was in the middle of my working ours, i would just say that i needed a 3 min break so i could take my shots. My manager was okay with it. (Used To Work with Comcast & Khols) right now im unemployeed =(.

Health Insurance - Ummm, that one i really dont know for students cause in my college dont give insurance, its mainly where you work when they can give u an insurance (not sure if everywhere its like that)

Pregnancy - Umm, im scared of it. So many doctor’s have told me that things can complicate or that im not able to have kids. So that really scares me alot. Im going with the option of adopting kids. But like i said i havent had kids so i really cant answer that question.

Sex - I dont use pump so ummm i wouldnt know, just that with the syringe. My boyfriend was kinda like shocked cause i have too many bruises in my arms and legs cause of the shots. He actually thought that my ex boyfriend would hit me but yeah it depends if ur really close to the person your u know doing it, and if he knows that u use the pump, then you wouldnt feel uncomfortable.