Some news re: Dexcom integration with the OmniPod

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FTNW: Dexcom Earnings Call Aug '10

Dexcom’s Q2 2010 Earnings Call Transcript is up on Seeking Alpha.

Feel free to surf over and read the whole thing or not. My quick read

was looking for information about pump integration and there was

confirmation the the OmniPod/Dexcom product was into the FDA for review

and that the Animas supplemental FDA filing was expected by year end.
Shifting to our insulin pump partnerships, as we mentioned on our last earning call, we have filed a PMA supplement with the Food & Drug Administration for our first generation integrated system
with Insulet Corporation and we are currently awaiting feedback from
the agency. Additionally, we have completed development and are in
final testing with respect to a modified transmitter for use in our
integrated system with Animas and we remain committed to filing a PMA
supplement for the combined DexCom Animas system before the end of the
They also shared the information the next generation (Gen 4) was into the FDA and some of the possible features of Gen 4 that
are of interest patients. May being the operative word, these are
forward looking statements:

I'm pleased to report that we have filed a PMA supplement Gen4 with the Food and Drug Administration.

... our goal with Gen4 is to bring to market a next generation sensor which will offer an unmatched level of performance and ease of use for
our patients. Our Gen4 Sensor is more accurate than any of our previous
sensor systems particularly in the hypoglycemia range. Gen4 will also
have a one hour warm up time... We believe that performance of Gen4
may in the future allow us to submit through the FDA for an expansion
of our labeled indications for use.
For example, the Gen4 sensor may permit a reduction in required calibrations points during a sensor session it may also enable us to
obtain an indicated sensor light of longer than seven days. We expect to
explore the requirements for obtaining these expanded indications with
FDA and conduct clinical trial work later this year. Additionally, we
are in the final stages of development of a new receiver form factor
and a new transmitter, and we expect to file with the FDA later this
year to incorporate those components into the Gen4 system.

thats pretty sweet i hope it all works out well… but then again i hope for a cure lol

Thanks K,

When I first started looking at CGMs and pumps, I really liked the idea of integrating the Dexcom and Omnipod systems. The Dex is really cool and the Omnipod is really cool. Two great tastes that should taste great together, right?

Well, I’m not so excited about it anymore. Reading about some of the issues with the 2nd gen Omnipod PDA over at the Omnipod forum makes me hope they can work out some of the issues. It really sounds like some of the PDAs ship with mynocks chewing on the power cables, or something. Until I see they have things worked out, I’ll use my Omnipod as a standalone pump when I get it, my Dex as a standalone CGM, and my Accucheck as a standalone BG meter.

Wow FHS! I had no idea there were issues like that. Hopefully they do get ironed out.

Im (as you know) a MM user and I really wish they would come up with some kinda Iphone/android app for the thing like the Dexcom one. Its fantastic.

heyyy i have android for my htc hd2 so anythings possible!

Yeah, it’s just what I’m picking up from perusing the the Omnipod forum. I’m still excited about switching over to the Omnipod from MDI. It would be soooooo cool if the Omnipod PDA could act as a pump controller, BG meter, and Dexcom receiver. There would be a lot more room on those little coffee tables for all of our stuff for sure. I’ll just have to wait to see how it works for me as a pump before I think about everything else!

If a smartphone could do all of that with apps? Oh man…

its work, but I wonder if they encrypt the signals from the cgm…

You need to enter in a code for the meter to connect to the pump. Also, the MM has a remote to control it with some basic features. So, were talking grab the remote signal from the controller to the pump, then the transmit signal from the sensor to the pump. I think thats called voided warranty. =^)