Omnipod/Dexcom Integration

Unfortuntely here is the latest update I got from Omnipod…

"Hi there Kevin. Good to hear from you. Hope all is going well.
Well the sad news is that the FDA has gotten extremely “tight” with approval of blood glucose sensors, pumps, and even test strips and meters. We are applying for the CE mark in Europe for the integration, hoping that will make it easier here in the U.S. So, it will happen but just cannot put a time on when.

Omnipod and the Dexcom CGM integration.

I’m hearing from a few well placed folks that it’s on the front burner but may take well into the year to get through the FDA.

wow! so we may get it here in Europe first? cant wait!!

When it does come out, it should be sweet with new Gen4 Dex and smaller pods.

I’m guessing the end of 2012.

I posted news about this in the Dexcom group (link).

Dexcom and Insulet will restart the procedure on omnipod 2 + gen 4 sensor so if everything goes well it will be end of 2012, but rarely everything goes well so hope for 2013.

About a sell in Europe, I have no news about it. Dexcom will give its gen 4 sensor to Animas and Animas will approve and sell its integrated product in Europe first, because of FDA new rules.
Perhaps Insulet too will do such a curse, but now they have not the product ready.