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Somehow i have managed to get 2 different profiles in this group and I have no clue how to make them into one, (any suggestions Manny?) So anyway since this one seems to be the one I can use now and none of my blogs from before have shown up I thought i would start a new one.
First a little about me, I am 48 as of last march, was diagnosed with type 1 this past January. It was a total blind-sided deal as I had no idea before hand. I figured if I got diabetes it would be the type2 that runs in the family. I am the only one to my knowledge who has type 1. The fact that I presented with dka was scary! I didn’t know I could get that sick that fast but not feel like i was really that sick, all I really had were the upper stomach pains, that they kept trying to treat like it was ulcers or an upset stomach from too much acid, which it wasn’t either, it was just pain.
Consequently, since no one in the family has the same type I do they all think they can tell me what I can and can’t eat or how to deal with it. Also, they have no real understanding what it is like to have this. they know how it is to deal with type 2, those who have it, but think it is the same thing. When will people get that type 1 and type 2 are totally different in how you have to treat them?
Anyway, back to a bit about me, I have a austrailian/husky mix dog that is about 15 years old, yes he is getting up there and i know I won’t have him much longer, that will hurt big time! Also I have abig black cat, monster, that goes about 20 pounds and is about 13 years old. They keep me company in my big old farm house. I am the town historian, fancy name, no money, hahaha. Also I run the small town museum. I graduated from college in 2006 at the age of 46 with my BA. in history. i have one son who lives and works in Pa, at woodstream. they make the have-a-heart traps and the invisible dog fences. he just recently got married but they aren’t sure they want kids so i dont know if I will be a grandma. He calls me every couple weeks to check in on me and make sure i am alright. I kinda scared him in January, so now he makes sure he keeps in touch. He turned 27 yesterday, HAPPY B-DAY KID!
The cause of my diabetes according to the endo guy that admitted me to icu, was a drug called feldene that I was taking for anti inflammation. So now I can’t take any drugs like it, no advil, aleve, ibuprofen at all. Since I have a strike injury to my elbow and carpal tunnel in both wrists, and plantar facisitis in my feet it makes it difficult to treat this things. Also my shoulder is now screwed up due to over use from over compensating from not having the strength to do things with the hand and arm. i was seeing one doctor for about 6 years steady and finally the last straw was when he tried to give me the same drug that caused my diabetes and tried to say I must have had diabetes before he gave me that drug. I haven’t been back to him and went to another orthopedic man this last thursday, he thinks that I have an inpingement that may be causeing more than just the shoulder problem. He wanted to try the bursitis shot first to see id that would work, although I have had one of those already and it didn’t. Unfortunately it did not work at all, just like the lst one, no change. Not sure what is next, other than surgery.
This is longer than I was figureing on, So I will close it for now.take care all and hugs.

Hi Karen! I sent you a message to try to sort out the double profile. Reply to it when you have a chance!!

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Nice to meet you! Welcome to Tudiabetes!!! I hope all goes well at the Doctor’s! I am sorry that your Doctor tried to put you on the same med’s…lol Doctor’s are educated but still very uneducated when it comes to Diabetes.

Welcome Karen. I understand the sudden onset and being the only one in the family with t1. This site will be a big help to you. It helps not to feel on your own.

ok, just left you a comment on your recent blog post. although I have had t1 for 41 years, we have a lot in common! Had the plantar fascitis - both feet. it is horrible! one day just woke up without it! Have the carpal tunnel - vit B6 seems to help, I cut down on activities that bring it on (no more hand quilting, gardening or silver polishing for me!). Had the shoulder impingement. I had surgery on one side, and accupuncture healed the other side. I also had a wicked case of tennis elbow, and accupuncture helped that. I highly recommend accupuncture - it’s very relaxing too.