Sometimes rant

just t learning about using the technology, I started this rant on the what are you doing comment place and now I have found my way here. Hassling with insurance lately. It pushes my face into the whole being diabetic thing Yes I am fortunate to live in the twenty first century. Continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pumps, laser photoocoagulation, dialysis, high tech insulin. We are fortunate if we can find ways to access/pay for it. Life is stressful enough without test strips, batteries, sets and tubing. Sometimes being diabetic sucks. Or maybe it sucks all the time but thanks to human hopefullness I don’t always be at the mental place of even thinking about it except when I need to.Oh yeah when I check my blood, figure how much carbs I’m eating or need to eat(do that with a sleepy 320 a.m. low blood sugar brain) This whole monster crucial part of our metabolic processes doesn’t work right and we are lucky to have the toolsbut I think it sucks that we need to use these tools. That we need to think about test strips, batteries(life scary) to run out of batteries. I don’t like that I need to think about it and there are NO vacations. Oh yea lucky diabetics with all the modern tools… if you can find a way to access/pay for it.A rant, I truly am glad to not spend much time in the diabetes sucks place. Thanks for a place to rant and people that can relate to how many places diabetes impacts lives. Thank you Thank you.

Hi lotsofshots thanks for the words and the thought behind them. I think about the parts of being diabetic that I despise and right after that comes profoundly felt appreciation for the tools that I resent the need for. I’m not a bitter sour sort of person for which I am grateful. Grateful for so very much. I think it is important to recognize and acknowledge the funky way we feel so as to not spend a bunch of energy trying to not feel a way we do. Chronic disease, an old ad for Geritol used to say"if you have your health you have everything" But somehow I don’t feel like I’m sick, don’t feel as if I am one of the people with a chronic condition, flu shots and such. Thank you for giving a dog a loving home, Brings a smile to my face to think about Mr. Qua,sleeping on the floor in what we call his dog cave.Stuff to be grateful for, dogs are one for sure