Sooooo? Artificial Pancreas Project?

Hey guys just wondering if any progress has been made on the artificial pancreas project or hell - smart insulin project. I've looked around the inter-webs but nothing.... noooooooothing? You guys know anything about these projects?

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Look on the JDRF's page - they are spending a ton of money on the Artificial Pancreas project. HERE is a link to a page where they discuss it.

It really kind of angers me .... they spend so many millions on the artificial pancreas, but they won't give Dr. Faustman a stinkin' dime. I questioned Dr. Aaron Kowalski - who is heading up the JDRF's artificial pancreas project - about that, and he just kind of shrugged and said 'there's only so much money to go around.'

I realize that's true, but why won't they support Dr. Faustman who may have a real CURE (although I'm skeptical)?!?


Tom your right maybe the ADA/JDRF should spend the money and put this idea to rest.

My take on this: She mishandled the study and it's tainted...short version.

It has been said that Faustman lied to her supporters early on in her research (maybe that's a bit strong) "embellished" her idea and changed direction in the middle of her study, spent millions to develop new lab equipment. She only gave the vaccine to 3 people and one of them had Mono and was dropped from the study. Some people say she is a charlatan and what she is doing is a confidence trick. She has turned what seemed to be a simple idea into a career. I would not donate money to this research with her in charge...but if someone took over this program I would feel diffrent. If this idea really works it would take a new drug the old vaccine does not work so there is plenty of money for big Pharma why are they running from this study??? If the old vaccine worked we would have a cure because I suspect T1D's have taken this stuff off shore and out of sight from the FDA and US regulations.


I think JDRF should be spending all this money on helping T1s access the technology that exists now. So many folks are unable to access pumps and CGMs, not to mention test strips and even insulin! I find it tragic that JDRF is putting money towards the AP when there are folks who can't get the proven technologies we already have.

In addition, the AP is NOT a cure. Not even close. It will be a management tool that while slightly better than the current insulin pump, will still have all the same issues we insulin pump and CGM users experience on a regular basis (failed sensors, failed sites, bad insulin, poor CGM results, etc). It's just a step forward in technology and while I find that great, I don't think organizations like JDRF should be supporting the research, as the insulin pump manufacturers of these systems will receive tremendous financial benefits.

I agree with you but good luck getting the JDRF/ADA to give money to a PWD. My father Has MD and has received support, equipment, and physical therapy at no cost. My niece has MS and they pay / cover her out of pocket expense for drugs that cost over $9,000.00 every month.

Asking JDRF or ADA for assistance getting insulin or a pump would be impossible they are the finance arm of the Diabetes research industry. There whole program is focused on raising money for this and they have no qualms about asking use for money every day, week, month. The cure is allusive if there is one or we do not have the technology to find it...they have raised enough money to by a cure 100 times over, it's really not about the money anymore.

Someone needs to start a new Org. that is focused on helping the PWD with quality of life issues , I would not have a problem sending them money.

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I will bet any scientist $100 I can beat their artificial pancreas with my pump/meter/ CGM.

Damiano and Russel on their 2 hormones AP , they aim for a 2016 FDA submission:

University of Virginia as part of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's (JDRF) Artificial Pancreas Project in conjunction with the University of California, Santa Barbara; Montpellier University Hospital in France; and the Universities of Padova and Pavia in Italy have started many outpatients trials (link1link2)

In Israel they did a big trial on childs link

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at the moment, agreed

I agree w/ Jim that those are great links. In the "it's a small world" category, Ed Damiano's wife was my daughter's pediatrician, up until their son was born, and one of my buddies was the pump salesman who sold them their pump. He moved on to selling heart supplies (e.g. stints...) and now sleep apnea stuff but we were very sad to lose her as she was a great doctor for junior and it's always horrible to learn of someone getting T1 when they are like a year old.

The drug will not cure but regulate the immune response. This regulation will take months to develop. I doubt that anyone has taken the drug that long. In the mouse model the immune system stopped to attack the beta cells under this drug. Then the beta cells have regrown (this did not happen in all mice). From a certain treshold the effect of the regrown beta cells was visible. Again not all mice reached this level of insulin production. It needs research to find a dosage for humans that is healthy and tolerable to be taken for the rest of our life. Actually this is what they need to conduct research for. You might be disappointed about the time frame needed. Still it is not necessary to repeat accusations that might just come from the pharma lobby.

LOL...I am pretty sure you and I both could!