Sore arm on omnipod


Hey all

I’m new here. I would really appreciate some feedback if poss. I have just switched from the Animas vibe which I loved to the omnipod. I thought i would try it on my arm upper left at the back and it doesn’t hurt whilst delivering a bolus but it feels a little irritated. I’m not sure if this is because i haven’t injected in my arm for ten years (I have been type one for 35 years) and on a pump for ten.

I exercise alot hence the reason for the choice of the omnipod. I just want to see if anyone else initially had issues putting their pumps on their arms and if there is anything I can do?



Yes, I use back of the upper arms for my pods. Sometimes I will replace the pod and put it on for example, the other arm, but I will still have the same sensation as if it is still attached to the other arm! Not exactly irritating but noticeable.

One thing to be extra careful with though is the potential for an infection. If it continues to feel irritating you might want to replace the pod, and put it elsewhere. I say this because when I first started on OmniPod, I had placed it on my arm, and for the full 3 days it fell irritating. When I removed it, the skin underneath was swollen and infected. I still have a scar from that. So better to remove it, if you have a continued irritation.

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