Sorry I havent been on, Been sick

Hello everyone,

Im so sorry I havent been online,i have been battling the flu and Broncitis.I spent Monday in the Hosp and got home tuesday morn,im on cough meds,antibotics,Steriods and anothermed i cant remeber what its for so Hopefully i will get past this soon,The Steriods are making my diabetes levs run high But the dr said it would do that, I feel as though my body is made out of rubber and have no strenght, Im so tired from not being able to sleep or rest for long periods at a time and am having to sleep sitting up, Which isnt great, Ontop of all my other meds this is just another small setback and I plan to be past it asap, I ask for prayer from all my friends and i wanted to let u all know I havent forgotten any of you, You are all in my thoughts and prayers and I will try and be back online reg soon, Sorry I haven to close this for now as i just feel yucky and achy and eyes are all watery, thank you all for being here for me,God Bless and Big Hugs

Vickie lynn

I Hope you Feel better soon
Linda P

Vicki, know that youare in our prayers and I hope that you get feeling better.