I are sick! :(

People, I'm pretty sure I've died and gone to hell! If what my hubby has gone thru with this sinus, chest congestion, body achey, fevery, coughy, sore throat, feels like my head is gonna explode crap, is any indication, it's only gonna get worse over the next few days. *pouts*

At least my BG's don't go sky high when I get sick! Instead, I have to watch for lows! Actually, I don't know what's worse?

Now, please excuse me while I find me some sand, so I can dig a hole, and bury my head in it.

I hope you feel better, girl… being sick sucks without diabetes. With diabetes it can be rough. Hang in there!!

Thank you Manny! :slight_smile:

I think I’m gonna go and make me some chicken noodle soup, if for nothing else, because it’s comfort food! LOL Really sounds good about now tho! :wink:

I hope you’re feeling better too!
Sending up some prayers and wishing you well quickly!

Thank you MeadowLark!

I’m SURE I posted this before, but it’s disappeared! :frowning:

I’m STILL sick, and sure can use all the prayers I can get! :wink: