Sotomayor Nomininated to Supreme Court-- Type 1 since Age 8!

This is going to be used against her, since the Republicans will stoop to anything to block the appointment.

I just saw that! That is SO fantastic! Now we have an advocate on the top! Thank God! Plus hard work and determination.

Someone IS going to use it against her. This is a great opportunity for the ADA, the JDRF, and all diabetes advocates, left, right and center, large and small, to stand up, act up and be heard.

Apparently, Sotomyor has taken very good care of herself. Regarding being a “Type 1 since age 8” “is going to be used against her”: It’s a shame that a bad stigma is often attached to diabetes that doesn’t exist with other conditions, such as a history of heart disease or high blood pressure.

It would be neat if she had a site on here too.

I’m also very excited to learn that Judge Santomayor has had a great career and is in good health after a lifetime of type 1 diabetes. I wonder if she is a pumper or takes multiple daily injections?

I know. I’ve totally been rooting for her. (I was diagnosed at age 8 too.)

My parents said I should email her and tell her how inspiring it was that she’s done so well. I am SO not an inspiration-finding sort of person, but I’m still considering doing it.

If anything, I see it as something positive for the diabetic community, something that goes far beyond political parties. I agree with Terry it is a great opportunity.

Here is a link to this blog post: On Judge SotoMayor: Have We broken the Glass Ceiling?

As a newly-minted lawyer, I’ve worried about how being diabetic would affect my ability to progress in the legal field. (Imagine, 1.5 hours into your two hour summation, and, as your soaring rhetoric is about to convince the jury of the innonence of your client . . . bam! Hypo! Passed out on the floor!)

The fact that a person with diabetes can be one of the nine . . . well, most powerful . . . lawyers in the land makes me feel a hell of a lot better about things.

I almost want someone to use it against her, because it would be a marvelous opportunity for diabetes awareness and education. I’m so excited about this nomination.

Wow Dov.

I gave my city an extra 400 in taxes this year because I do not have the stamina to take the assessment court anymore even though we had a good case.

I am ever hopeful that her jurist service record for all these many years will matter more than her health record! The diabetes communities and orgs already do advocate the appointment of Sotomayor.

She is terrific pick and hopefully the diabetic community will use this opportunity to highlight our feelings. She was not selected because she is diabetic, I don’t it want her to be rejected because she is either. But we will need to be poised to go at a moments notice in case it is used against her. He need to be ready to flood Capital Hill with every thing we have if it is brought up in a negative way.

This is a wonderful opportunity for many of us who fight this kind of discrimination every day, but it is also a terrible opportunity for those who use it against us to be validated and proved right. Lets make a pack right now, that if this becomes the subject of the discussion we will act like lightning to correct the misconceptions.

rick phillips

Please lets keep this to the diabetes issues–many people besides republicans would use this to block anyone for anything. If anyone uses diabetes as a reason not to appoint it is a problem…no matter what if any party affiliation they may or may not have.

This is a woman who has amazing credentials, academic Princeton, Yale Law School, outstanding judicial career, a woman born to Hispanic parents in the South Bronx who rose above the obstacles of lossing her father at a young age and having Type 1 diabetes at the age of 8. She is a woman who speaks clearly that you can do it… Her nomination is based on her academic and judicial career and if anyone dares to make her diabetes an issue WATCH OUT BECAUSE WE WILL BE HEARD…

Her nomination is based on her academic and judicial career based on some people’s opinion. Not everyone shares that opinion.

I do beleive that on this board we can all agree that Diabetes should in NO way be part of the equation: the rest is/are political and personal preferences that are not just about party lines and this is probably not the correct forum for the duscussion of those things.

She is an activist judge that supports the murder of innocent babies in the womb!!! She doesn’t need to be on the court!!!

My only point is that if her nomination fails as a result of being diabetic we need to correct that misconception. Regardless of being conservative or liberal. We all have a vested interest in being sure that diabetes is not the deciding factor. If the general population sees diabetes as a limiting factor then we will all face that discrimination in subtle and unsubtle ways. Please remember diabetics are not a protested class. I am not advocating that we should be. But, we should not let anyone use it as a reason to either hire or not hire someone. Our best interest is if diabetis is a non issue in this debate.

rick phillips

Yay! A group email congratulating her from her compatriots at TuDiabetes might not be a bad thing, but I bet she is not reading a lot of emails at the moment…

I amnmot sure that that would sit well with everyone here…not everyone thinks her nomination is a good thing.

Now if the congress (any of them no matter party line) was to try and use diabetes as a reason not to appoint her, then I think a letter of codemnation for that act would bein order, and most likely supported bythe larger group