South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia, do you have your natural disaster plan in place?


Florence is quickly becoming a powerful hurricane. If you live in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina STAY INFORMED. Their governors declared states of emergency. Get prepared, stock up on diabetes medications, build your kit.

Laws triggered by the Governor’s State of Emergency Declaration:

Emergency Prescription refill-

  • North Carolina – within 29 days of the declaration patients can obtain one prescription refill and get one authorization on the refill and do not need to go through a physician.
  • South Carolina — will allow a one-time emergency refill for up to 15 day supply through their pharmacist.
  • Virginia — does not have prescription refill law right now but they have something triggered with a state of emergency we think; we are getting that information and will update later today.




We are in the upstate, but I think we are good. I have plenty of supplies. And we are mostly worried about just extra rain here.


Please stay safe and let us know if there is anything we can help you with! :blue_heart:



Here’s the list of information that first responders hope to find taped on the inside of your door. I would also record the location of medications and medical supplies. So, if insulin is in the fridge, write that on the paper.
MedEmergency.docx (1.1 MB)MedEmergency.pdf (341.9 KB)