Southern California Health Insurance Plans

Hey everybody,

Can anyone recommend a health insurance plan in Southern California that covers dexcom and omnipod? My new employer uses Kaiser of Southern California - which doesn’t cover omnipod - so I’m looking to switch, and my employer is happy to jump through the hoops with me. But I can’t find any resources online for finding a good plan for T1s that cover my devices. Any ideas out there?


Did you try asking customer support at Dexcom and Insulet ?

Kaiser will cover omnipod if you ask your doctor. If he approves it they will allow it. You need to come up with a good reason why it would be better for you than the 2 options that they prefer, tandem and Medtronic.
A few years back it was Medtronic and Animas. At the time animas said they were going out of business it was easy to get them to switch to pods.
I got one and I used a few before deciding I wanted to get a tuned pump instead. That’s when I went to the Medtronic.
I initially told them that I couldn’t use a tube pumped because I was a swimmer.
However I am not sure they will accept that now that they added Tandem.

They really good thing about the pods is that you can stop using them and it doesn’t cost you anything. Unlike a pump where you are stuck with a 6000 dollar brick if you hate it.

It’s worth trying before you change insurers.