I am probably one of the younger ones on here and most of everyone has gone through school and college and probably does not want to go back… but i have a speech i have to do for oral communications and i thought about doing it on Type 1 Diabetes because everyday people hardly know anything about it, including my teacher. I do not really know if I should tell my story or in general about the disease. I don’t want it to be boring and it is an informative speech, so if you can help me out i would gladly appreciate it!

Thanks!! :smiley:

When it comes to writing, or anything creative, it is my opinion that It is always best if you talk about what you know… for sure and that it comes from the heart. Diabetes is different for each and every person. Tell YOUR story Lauren!
Good luck!!

And I maybe one of the older ones:) …suggest to visit my page …I have a " discussion , including an" interview " with the Canadian Diabetes Association , it took place November 2009 , Vancouver, BC Canada …hope some info is useful for your speech !!
Can I help some more ??

Your experiences are the best. What you face and how you feel about it and what you have to do to manage your glucose are the best examples of what it’s like and what this thing is about. As you explain the condition, relate it to how it has affected you. Did you exhibit classic symptoms or were yours atypical? It will be all educational and those folks will walk out much more well informed about this monkey on our backs.

A personal approach is better. Which would you rather hear? As you relay your journey, the facts will come out also.

Good luck. I know that with the advice you have been given and your careful thought as to what makes your story, you will be able to give a really informative and humorous speech.

I’m a freshman in college and had to write a paper for school I posted on my page in a blog if you’d like to read it. I don’t think your story would be boring at all simply because it’s real. It’s real life and your real expierance just make it interesting I think it’s a really good idea. I think a lot of people in your class would actually be more interested than you might think. :slight_smile:

One’s own story and experiences is still the best I feel. Your challenges and success will definitely interest others. I made a “little’ speech before in a small crowd regarding mine. The funny misinterpretation of diabetes, my encounters with educating others, and some really absurd and out of this world beliefs on"curing” diabetes made many people laugh…At the same time making them realize that some struggles may not be easy at times…but the person who has it can live a happy active life!

Lauren, the advise and encouragement offere here is right on the money. The only thing I would add is to be aware of your audience. As a budding Health Ed Teacher in a Middle School, I found this out the hard way. While testing my bs and talking about T-1 & T-2, I failed to notice a little girl loosing conciousness over the sight of my finger stick. She was fine, but lesson learned. Good luck and I am sure you will do fine. jax

Been following your blogs as a (very) former softball player, We went to the state tournament in 1949 which shows just how former. Also did a share of competitive speaking and debate which got me invited to apply to college. Your speech could include your personal experiences, your feelings, and your interactions with non diabetics. Don’t show your fear or let it trouble you. Everyone has that to deal with. You have a subject which may be utterly foreign to the audience giving you an opportunity to inform of a growing problem of increasing influence on national health care. Go for it!!

You’re story should be quite interesting :slight_smile:
I have a diabetic alert dog, and some of my old middle school teachers have invited us to their classes to educate the kids. Im a junior in high school, so I got to ditch a few electives to do that. It was pretty fun!

Thanks everybody! You guys have helped a lot. After I give my speech, I will put it up here so ya’ll can see it.

I actually did a speech on the differences between type 1 and 2 for my Introduction to Communication class this last semester.

One of the biggest things that my teacher and class liked was how I knew my information very well and that I had a sincere passion for the subject.

here’s the link to my ppt