Asap need help!

i have to find a motivational, inspirational speech for school but in the process i want to tell my class im diabetic. im looking for a speech or video (3-4 mins) that motivates me to keep going. i want a speech/video that is heart-touching speech that will really let my class know what its like to have and live with diabetes... please i need to in the next three or four hours!!!!!! please please please!!!!

You might find something on There are some videos with Nick Jonas and others.

I am such a new member so I do not think I even have a right to share but I teach college and think that a movie or clip would take away from what you want to say. I think that if you start of with a rhetorical questions (Ex: Do you know it feels each day to.......) that you will capture your audience and involve them in your passion. I know many people lean toward videos but I would not. I had a student who gave a speech as a survivor of the Haiti quake and no movie vignette could illustrate what she told us about her walking over the dead to try to find her brother who was buried in the rubble. Speak from your heart. Involve the audience as front seat spectators to your life and it is sure to be a winner. Best of luck!

ON the HOME Page Manny,our Founder has a video of his speech at the Joslin Clin. In it I tell my stiry.

Lots of wonderful videos on here Sara...Im sure you'll find one that suits you the best:

Hi, I'm a new member too and I wish I had an opportunity to present something like this in high school. I don't have a video for you, but my suggestion is to find a way to explain to the class how much harder diabetes is to live with than society suggests(ie. a lot more work than just "not eating cake").

I think the thing that shocked most people is what makes your glucose rise. It is not the donut but a common cold or stress. People thinkthat my son gave himself diabetes. Maybe the other factors are so enlightening. Best of luck!

There is one called " Our deepest fear.." Written by Marianne Williamson for Nelson Mandel'sinaugral speech. I get all my students to memorize it... it is very inspiring. You can google it easily.