Splenda, yay or nay?

Honestly, I don’t use any artifial sweetner, got used to the taste along time ago without any of it. Now I drink everything without it. nobody else can stand the taste not even my diabetic daughter (she used splenda) but I like it.

I find that I object to the aftertaste of Splenda much less than anything else. I don’t use it too often, usually in my coffee or tea. I like Coke Zero - but we don’t drink much soda anymore. I do carry packets with me in my purse, but I usually order water and don’t need it unless I order iced tea. I do also bake with it occasionally - usually subbing some of the real sugar out with it. I find that I am the opposite of another poster, when I make iced tea or kool-aid I use 3/4 cup instead of a full one (except for lemonade flavored, that needs the whole cup).

Coke Zero is actually sweetened with an aspartame/acesulfame K sweetener mix, with no Splenda. Pepsi One, on the other hand, does use it.

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you should try it you would be surprized

I look for the drinks made with Splenda! Aspartame triggers mighty migraines in me.

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I use blue myself. I have not started to use Splenda because I don’t care for the horrible aftertaste.

Yes, I have seen a lot of splenda at tables and not much equal. I prefer the taste of equal. I’ve broken out in hives when I’ve used too much (however much that is) Splenda in a day. But, I still use Splenda when that is the only option available in a product that I “need”. Then, I just hope I don’t break out in hives.

I did a bit of research on splenda a bit back. That is the brand name of Sucralose. What it is, is a normal sucrose molicule with 3 of the OH replaced with Clorine. It is called a “clorinated Sugar” because of that. Pure Sucralose is about 600x sweeter then sugar.

Most products that contain sucralose add fillers and additional sweetener to bring the product to the approximate volume and texture of an equivalent amount of sugar. Pure dry sucralose undergoes some decomposition at elevated temperatures. When it is in solution or blended with maltodextrin it is slightly more stable. My wife (a microbiologist) was able to actually grow bacteria on splenda straight out of the bag. This shows that there is actually calories in this.

The long term affects of Sucralose has not been tested on Humans yet. About 27% of sucralose is absorbed by your body. A report from NICNAS cites two studies on rats, both of which found “a significant decrease in mean thymus weight” at a certain dose. The sucralose dosages which caused the thymus gland effects referenced in the NICNAS report was 3000 mg/kg bw/day for 28 days. For an 80 kg (176 lb) human, this would mean a 28-day intake of 240 grams of sucralose, which is equivalent to more than 20,000 individual Splenda packets/day for approximately one month. So, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

I’ve been buying a brand called Alltern. They sell it at Wal-Mart and it’s much cheaper plus i think it tastes better…

i get migranes from anything not splenda too. yep that means no sugarfree for me unless made with splenda. i usually sneak in a diet coke every now and again but pay the price later. I make sugarfree kool aid with splenda to drink. its great stuff :smiley:

Back when it came out, I was all over Equal. But then started having migraines from it. So I went back to Sweet and Low only because all I ever used it for was to sweeten my iced tea or my cornflakes. Splenda came out and it was great. No issues with it at all. But in the big picture I am really trying to eat as clean as possible. So I ended up switching to a more natural alternative and I have started using Xylosweet. Its granular like sugar and all natural. The only downfall is if you put it in anything cold it does sweeten but doesn’t dissolve too easily (heh, like sugar)

I use Equal in my coffee or other hot things. I use Sugar Twin to sweeten my tea at home and Sweet 'n Low for tea at restaurants. If I bake, which is rare, I just use real sugar because I usually am not baking it for myself anyway. I, too, find Splenda offensive to my tastebuds. To each his/her own, I guess.

I guess I’m just here to rain on everybody’s parade, but there’s no way I would eat splenda.

Check out this story. Splenda was invented by insecticide researchers trying to make new insecticides. They made a new chemical; the head researcher says “test it,” but the other guy hears “taste it.” He does, it’s sweet, he starts putting it in his coffee, etc. Splenda.

How do you make it? You take sugar, remove the hydrogen, and force chlorine (a class 1 carcinogen) to bond with carbon, creating a chlorocarbon.

Other chlorocarbons? DDT, mustard gas, and tons of banned chemicals. Sucralose is the only one people eat.

The kicker? There has been NO research proving it’s safe. Currently, the longest safety study was 5 weeks long.

I wrote about this a while back - http://foodkills.wordpress.com/2008/10/29/146/

I like stevia, though you gotta find a good brand.

I wrote about this a few replys up. There is no real research showing it is bad either. You are more likely to get cancer filling up your car with gas then you are eating splenda. Current studys state that it will take you eating 20,000 packets of splenda a day to cause a buildup in your system.

I use pink. Yellow to me just tastes weird and not sweet enough, and it leaves that nasty taste in my mouth. I have never used blue, always stuck to pink.

I use splenda all the time. The other types seem to have an aftertaste to me

Agave is pretty good, though it has the same or similar carb content to honey/maple syrup, just with a lower glycemic index. Splenda tastes the closest to real sugar to me, though I suspect that in larger quantities, it has what I’ll call politely a “pronounced GI effect” (though that might have also been the sugar alcohol sucking candies, so it’s not clear.)

i can’t tell the difference between any of the artificial sweeteners. it’s funny, because… a few months ago, i had my two best friends over. and, i offered them my ice cream fudgesicle type of dessert. as soon as they started eating… my one friend was like “This is made with Splenda. I can tell.” I can’t even tell the difference between foods made with real sugar and splenda… so i thought it was funny that she could immediately tell.

I try not to use any sweetener, but if I do I use splenda…Equal just always left a “bad” taste in my mouth…I have used splenda for baking and have used the equal in the past, splenda makes things taste like they are “real” and not sweetened with something fake…It makes like real sugar…and I have always been told that it is make from sugar…I have used Stevia before but didn’t like it…