Sprouted grain bread versus whole wheat?

I have heard some people claim that they do better with sprouted grain bread than WW, I guess b/c of the protein level. Has anyone found this to be true?

I eat a low carb sprouted grain bread from Trader Joes and it works for me. That said, I think you have to look at the carbs on nutritional label and do your own tests. Some people can have some bread, some can’t have any at all.

Thanks. I miss TJ’s big time…used to live a few block away, but sadly, I am now a few hours away. I do fine with whole wheat bread, and eat it most days with natural peanut butter for breakfast, but I find sprouted grain to often feel " heartier" and more filling to me. I do not, however, really see much difference in my BS with one compared to the other. Where I live, the sprouted grain seems to be pricier, and I am wondering if it is worth it.

Sprouted grain bread is supposedly healthier than 100 percent stone ground. Ezekial bread is very tasty, but I think kind of high in carbs; never tested out regarding diabetes, as my niece would not touch it. We found a great sprouted wheat bread from a bakery in California, Alvarado Street bakery. Found a loaf at Shoprite. No salt in the loaf I bought (which usually does not bode well for taste). It was delcious. I haven’t figured out yet if it is better BS wise, because loaf was not really soft enough. I am going to find out on what day Shoprite gets its shipment so I can get a fresh loaf. I have been using it for toast.