What is the best Bread for Type II

I am trying to cut back on my carbs and breads but I do like them occasionally, what brand bread have any of you found that does not raise sugar as bad as some?
Any Suggestions would be helpful, thanks!

My nutritionist advised me whole wheat or rye bread. Im also limited to two slices per day (140 calories, 2 fat grams, 24 carbs). As for the brand Im currently using Sara Lee Delightful Wheat bread.

Thank you!

Healthy Life- whole wheat 35 calories per slice. Has minimal effect on me, but takes some getting used to.

Thanks I will look for it, is that the brand??


It is the brand. There is also a flat bread called flatout bread that makes low carb high fiber products. I made a low-carb pizza from it and that was pretty good.

Hi Debbie, I dont know what most use but l like Roman Meal because it is made with whole wheat and it has really helped with a fiber problem was having. Plus it is easy to find Have a great day Mike

Thanks for the input guys, it seems everything I eat is bad for me and runs my sugar more than i would like…I appreciate the tips, I will look it up.


Its not bread, and I have only seen it at Walmart, but they have low carb tortillas, as in 8 total carbs. Taste okay. you can bake em into chips, or use them to make sandwiches with a little imagination. Some days, I can tolerate the Sarah Lee whole wheat, but usually, I just eat the tortillas. Haven’t seen anything that comes close to that low a carb number.

Someone told me Pepperidge Farms makes a very low carb bread, but they don’t seem to be available in stores around here.


I like Arnold’s Sandwich Deli Thins. They come in several varieties. Some people cannot tolerate them, but I do very well with them. I especially like the multigrain ones.

I’ll second the recommendation for the Flat Out wraps (the ones made with flax seed). La Tortilla Factory makes good tortillas. And sometimes I buy Toufayan low-carb pita, when I can find it.

In my area we have a bread called Nature’s Own Honey wheat bread. It does ok for me but I use it after a work out. Usually I am about between 70 and 90 when I eat it and I am not seeing a big impact on numbers. Maybe because my body is still looking for carbs during recovery from workout. I ride about 7 miles on a bike and I tend to eat it as toast with cinnamon sprinkled on it and a little bit of splenda. The old cinnamon toast with a twist.

I get a bread at my local Costco store. It is Silver Hills Squirrelly Bread. Barely does anything to my blood glucose level. Costco is the only place that has it around here. Keep it in the refrigerator as it has no preservatives.

Wasa flatbreads rock!!!

Thin sliced sourdough isn’t too bad. Two slices are 22 carbs.

Thanks everyone for the tips, I have been getting sara Lee wheat bread with only 45 cal a slice but it runs my sugar up, but everything does…I will try to look for the ones you all have suggested and give em a try.

Double fiber bread from Orowheat is pretty good. It’s 16 carbs, 6g fiber and 70 calories per slice. You can get it at Walmart and Costco. Two slices for either breakfast or lunch carries me for hours. The high fiber doesn’t cause me to spike.

Ok, thanks I will check it out…

The only bread I can eat without spiking is the Wasa Rye Bread. I’ve tried pumpernickel and some of the double fiber, whole wheat bread and I spike. I’m going to be trying some baked goods using almond flour soon. Wonder if anyone has tried to make a bread made out of almond flour?

I like this sprouted flaxseed bread from Alvarado Street Bakery – two slices = 15 grams of carb:


I live near the bakery and a lot of stores seem to carry their stuff around here, but they also ship nationwide if you can’t find it where you live.