Sprouted Grain Bread

Has anyone had success keeping their BG under control eating sprouted grain bread (Ezekiel bread)? I’ve been unsuccessful with almost all breads including high fiber breads. I can have one small low carb tortilla with little effect. I have a loaf of sprouted flourless bread but, tought I would see if anyone has tried it and what the results were.


I’m glad you asked. Ezekiel is my favorite bread, very kind to my blood sugars as compared to other store bought breads. Tastes good too :slight_smile:

It isn’t quite as bad as regular bread but does spike my BG a little. The best bread I’ve found is “When Pigs Fly” Low Carb.

Hi Danielle,
I would love to know the answer to your question… The only bread I have managed is one slice of Brownberry 12 grain. But it still bumps me a little.
What is “When Pigs Fly” low carb bread and where do you get it? I really like bread, but just don’t get it much.

Can someone tell me more about Ezekiel bread? IS it made from wheat sprouts??? Where do you buy it?? I’m interested :slight_smile:

I really don’t care for Ezekiel bread… I really LOVE the alvarado street diabetic bread or flax seed bread…does not really effect my sugars at all for 2 slices…and it’s soft :wink:


I also use flat out for my pizzas with the kids…use the light italian herb



It’s a New England company. My local grocery store carries it. Here’s the web site. You can buy it online but it’s expensive. http://www.sendbread.com/main.htm

Thank you all for the replies. I’m sorry it took me a little time to get back to this thread. I will look into the other suggestions - thank you. I think I will try the Ezekiel Bread toda or tomorrow and report back on how I reacted to it with BG numbers. I usually spread some natural peanut butter on the toast but, perhaps I’ll get a more accurate reading with just butter or by itself? Any thoughts.


I definitely think you should try the bread just by itself. Any type of fat, including “natural” can really mess things up. If your bg does ok with the naked bread, then try it with the pb and see.
I really like Ezekiel bread and it is very kind to my bg. The chewey texture is very satisfying. It seems to be pretty expensive, though, but the kind that I can get is made by a local organic bakery that charges high prices for all its stuff.
Good luck.