Square Bolus?

I just did a square bolus and then realized that I did not eat all of the carbs that I bolsed for so I quickly suspended my pump. I just went to review my bolus history and it said Type:square
user entry 8.9
stopped at 0.1
Duration: 1:00
Does this mean that when I unsuspended the pump that it did not continue my bolus? I have never had this happen I am new to the square/dual wave bolus.

Has anyone ever over bolsed before? I just added up all of the carbs and did not take into consideration that I did not eat my entire meal.

Did you post this twice? I thought I posted an answer and it’s not showing up here. Check your other post on th pump forum. Basically, no once you suspended and turned your pump back on the bolus stops, but the basal keeps going. You will need to bolus for the food you did eat, as you only got .1 units (“stopped at”)

Depending on pump brand nomenclature, all you need to do is cancel the combo bolus. Suspending usually refers to the basal rate being stopped. For the Ping and probably the 2020, if you combo bolus and then decide to stop the combo part midway, just go back to bolus-combo bolus and highlight cancel. I over bolus, under bolus all the time, so, yea welcome to the club:)