Stage one Kidney Disease

I was just diagnosed with stage 1 Kidney Disease.

Had my first appointment with this particular nephrologist and was sent for more tests (see below) and going back for my follow up in a couple of days.

I am looking for any insight or advice anyone with CKD would have. Or, a good list of questions.

                            Result        Lab Range 

Creatinine, Urine 81.0 15.0-278.0 mg/dL
Protein,Total,Urine 199.8 0.0-15.0 mg/dL
Protein/Creat Ratio 2467 0-200 mg/g creat
GFR 81 >59
BUN/Creatinine Ratio 23 9 - 23


google: ketogenic kidney mice
it might not help, but it can’t hurt and will give some questions to ask, your GFR is good,

Ketogenic is funny. He’s suggesting Pescetarian.

first would be a dx for the protein spill, you filtration rate is good
ask about a Pescetarian ketogenic… AKA very low carb Mediterranean… best of both worlds :sunglasses: