Starting a G7

I’m starting my first G7 tomorrow. I’d like to start it on my phone and then have my Tandem pump join the ongoing session a few hours later.
I’d like to confirm two things:

  1. It’s ok to start a G7 session on the phone and have the pump join later. That is, there’s no reason to have to start it on the pump.
  2. When I’m ready to connect to the G7 session on the pump and I’m joining an ongoing session, I still enter the code. (Unlike with the G6 where you do not re-enter the code if you’re joining an existing session.) That is, I treat the G7 on the pump as if I were starting a new sensor even though the sensor will have already been giving readings for a few hours.
    Thanks in advance for any tips.

I typically start my G7 on my phone first. Then I go to my pump and start the sensor there. Yes, I do enter the code on both devices. No problems so far. It works well. I like G7 better than G6 even though I was happy before.

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