Tandem T-slim and Dexcom G7

I recently switched from G6 to G7 and had no trouble setting up my iPhone and Apple watch. However, connecting the G7 to my Tandem pump was another matter. Dexcom has no tutorials on that and I haven’t been able to find one on Tandem either. I finally was able to connect, but there must be a simpler way to do it. I know there are videos about this on YouTube but I was hoping that Tandem or Dexcom would have a tutorial.

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This is what I used. Essentially enter the sensor code, reenter the sensor code, and start the sensor.

quick-reference-connect-dexcom-g7-cgm-tslimx2-mgdl-ml-1012194.pdf (2.3 MB)

Thanks Jim26! That sounds like exactly what I need.

If your CGM Sensor session is stopped, you have the option to select a new sensor type ( G6, G7, or Libre 2, as I recall under My CGM on your pump.

I think that you can find more details here:

Good luck.