Starting on a pump for the 1st time next month

On May 9th I will be going to my Dr at the VA to start using a pump. I think the VA uses the Minimed ones.

Does anyone have any advice on anything I should be doing while I wait for my appt to come?

One concern I have is that I tend to sweat a lot, When using medical patches, tape and such they always come off by the end of the day. How do I keep the cannula attached? Is there anywhere to get a head start in learning more about pumping? Or just any advice in general.


I’d suggest reading “Pumping Insulin” or “Think Like a Pancreas”. Both are excellent primers about pumping and more general insulin use issues. I sort of figured out CB on my own but didn’t do it very scientifically. The pump has helped me feel better while doing less work, sort of like getting a raise?

Re the sweat, there’s this Flexfix Opsite Tape stuff Kelly WPA and Mary (I can’t remember her exact site name) recommended for me.

I ran 2 races last spring, 1 week after I got my CGM and the stuff the MM person gave me (IV 3000?) didn’t stick so the CGM bounced, jostled and fell off 3 miles into the first 1/2 marathon. Race # 2 was 150 miles south and two weeks later but I got the stuff in the interim and it works great. The roll has lasted almost exactly a year. Enjoy your pump!

Use Skin Tac Wipes … on the area where you will be apply or insert the set. It makes the skin sticky. Just do not let it dry too long. I used to use IV Prep - it worked for me as well, but the recent recall made me change to Skin Tac which actually makes the skin more tacky.

Thanks everyone for your ideas and suggestions. Waiting to see what happens now. 1st I was told the pump was ordered. Today someone else called and said a consult was ordered. So who knows, guess I’ll find out in a few weeks!!

congrats on your pump!,I just had my first too so I’m a pump newbie.

I’d suggest Pumping insulin too,get familiar with what it looks like by seeing videos on youtube,that really helped,you might as well read the user’s manual designated for your particular pump.

that’s all I could think of right now :slight_smile:

oh,and happy pumping!.