Starting on G6 and Basal IQ

Yeah, the dual hormone pump is almost here! I will in the clinical trial hopefully in the next month or so for insulin only, but I have been watching this pump since the early/mid 2000’s. The big selling point for me is no carb counting. You just tell it whether it’s a small, regular or large meal and over time, it learns what that means. It just needs your current weight and it goes.

And I like you are not a superstar with numbers but I have learned my numbers are good enough for me. My numbers have kept me in a good place. And the Tandem basal IQ was great and I enjoy a lot less lows. But wow, with Control IQ, my lows and my highs are almost gone. My time in range is higher than it has ever been and I am working less on my diabetes treatment plan than I ever have in my life. I don’t test, I don’t do anything overnight (I get a full night sleep every night), I just let the pump do its thing. For me, less is better. After almost 50 years, I don’t want to think about my diabetes anymore!

So glad it is working for you and so glad you are happy with where you are at.

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Well, one thing I can tell you is the finger sticks are not always very accurate!! I trust my Dexcom before fingersticks!

What is the “no code” restart you mention? Can you link to that info?

When you start any G6 sensor, the app will prompt you to enter or scan a sensor code that is printed on the sensor adhesive cover. Alternately, you may choose to use the “no code” option but then will be required to enter further calibration glucose numbers.

Here’s the info from the “Using Your G6” guide. From Appendix A.8:

I’m so ready for this :tired_face: I’m mid holding Byram/Tandem/my endo’s office’s hands through getting me a pump and really hurting through things like Byram being unable to fax my doctor the paperwork that needed to be filled out for weeks on end and then being forced to schedule an appointment with a diabetes educator who says numbers look great don’t change anything followed by a frantic call that they were supposed to take blood so they could send lab work to tandem hours after the appointment had ended to finally getting them to send lab work req to Quest, and showing up there only for them to not have the paperwork required. Can’t wait until everyone gets it together so I can get my hands on this pump!!! Also how do people who work in doctor’s offices make this many mistakes? I feel like I’m CONSTANTLY double checking their work. It makes me feel crazy. I’d be fired if I did my job that way.

so all of this is new to me. I appreciate your help.

I have my first sensor in. I plan to “restart” it when it expires by taking off the transmitter, waiting 30 minutes and then reattaching the transmitter and restarting it using the code on the existing sensor.

If I didn’t have that code for some reason I could still restart the sensor using “no code”. The difference seems to be that doing it that way requires more calibration?

Thanks for your help.

@PamS - Your description is how I restarted my last sensor which lasted 20 days. I decided to use the “no code” option on the restart as another member, @MM1, posted her good experience doing that.

Yeah, choosing the restart using “no code” does mean that you’ll need to add two calibrations after the warm up period, 12 hours in and once every 24-hours afterward. After many years of doing 10-15 fingersticks per day, I don’t find one per day a burden.

In fact, that once per day calibration timing is elastic in that the sensor continues to give readings if you don’t feed it a number right away. I’ve exceeded that 24-hour calibration prompt by many hours. It also doesn’t nag you with repeated prompts.

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I feel for you! I have little patience with this whole process. More often than not, I’ve found the pharmacy benefit managers to be the source of the delay. My current doctor’s office practice has been rock solid managing these things. When I do experience delays caused by incomplete/missed communication, I have rarely found my doctor’s office medical assistants to blame. It’s one of the main reasons I am reluctant to change doctors.

Here’s the tune that plagues me when this particular brand of circus starts.

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Oh man we haven’t even roped in insurance yet. Can’t wait to hold their hand too :joy: I found myself on the phone today with a tandem rep saying please sir I just want to dump thousands of dollars into your company can you help me make that happen?

So sorry to hear that the doctors office personnel is the issue. It’s sad when you can find a great doctor but the support staff isn’t there. I had to switch my hand surgeon because the staff was brutal. I liked and respected him but wow it was sad dealing with his staff.

Side note, just saw my doctor today. I cancelled my appointment three months ago due to COVID-19. But went in and we looked at labs and numbers and decided that unless I was having problems, I could come back in 6 months. Everything is running smooth and it’s easy! I love easy! And with this new tech, I might not need an endo any longer?!
I hope you get you new system sooner than later! But I always warn people, nothing is magic. You have to put the work in. I had my basal, carb ratios and correction factors pretty nailed down, so the system had good numbers to work with. I didn’t tweak anything. I set it up just like it asked and it is working great for me! Hope the same can happen for you but remember some people have to change things to fit their situation. Good luck!

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I’m don’t know much about using cgms, but will be trialling it soon. Out of curiousity whats the benefit of using the no code option? Is it only because you are restarting the sensor so have no choice or is there actually a reason behind it.

And with calibration, I will be curious to see how accurate it is. I want to be able to store the BG meter reading on my pump without impacting the algorithm. Is there a way to store the BG reading without calibration?

I started using the G6 sensor last June. I’ve run into problems with accuracy and calibration issues. My use of the “no code” startup option was an experiment to see if I might find a path to improve my G6 sensor accuracy.

Prior to that I used the code option and met with poor results.

I don’t use a Tandem pump so I can’t answer your question.

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You can do a bolus and manually enter meter bg. It will calc correction bolus and deliver insulin if that bg is over target. That will show the bg and bolus in pump history and T:Connect app.