Starting Out on low carb

Would love to hear from anyone following Dr Berstein’s Diabetes Solution with a typical day’s meal plan as I would like to get started but need some ideas. Need to lose weight and kick blood glucose into shape. Thanks.

I've been more or less following Bernstein for a number of years. I don't weigh anything, just avoid the real baddies. I do eat carrots and tomatoes and some fruit, but not in huge quantities. Ieven occasionally have a small new potato. My nightly treat is a piece of dark nut chocolate. After years of being banned, Stevia has now been allowed in Britain and so I can sweeten my coffee with it.
In addition if my "Gang" at the gym is enjoying a cake that someone has brought in[ which happens a couple of times a month] I have a tiny bit, about a cubic inch, to join in.
A typical day would be as follows:
Breakfast; a couple slices cold meat or cheese, or an egg,tea with milk no sugar
Lunch: half an avocado with home made dressing and some canned tuna, coffee
dinner; piece of fish or meat or poultry; green salad
I rarely eat dessert. If I do it is likely to be based on cream cheese. I have a great chocolate mousse recipe.
snacks are nuts or bits of cheese.
i do go off plan occasionally, but I ensure the portion is VERY small.

Thanks Hana.