What do you have for Breakfast, Lunch and dinner?

I Just finished reading Dr. Bernsteins book, Diabetes Solution, I'm pretty far in the Diabetes Diet book now. Out of curiosity, I wanted to know what breakfast, lunch and dinner looks like for you guys. If you are a vegetarian please share, I've been vegetarian for sometime now and it seems like I will have to bring meat back in to follow the regimen comfortably.

Ah there was a thread just like this not to long back, but didn't garnish a whole lot of responses.

I've been low carb for close to two years I think (a few months shy).
yesterday was:
- coffee with about an oz of almond milk
- 2 x kavli krisps with sliced cheese & cold cuts (turkey)
- coffee with almond milk
- 32 oz water
- Cobb salad with some extra blue cheese
- coffee with almond milk
- low carb fish tacos (2 LC tortillas, cheddar cheese, baked tilapia, tartar sauce, avocado, & lots of cabbage) about 20g of carbs for dinner.
- a square of Lindt chocolate mixed with a tbsp of PB for desert.

About a 40carb day.

The vegetarian's that I've known have usually gotten their protein requirements mixed with a lot of carbs (e.g., beans, yogurts, etc.) you may be able to get away with a lot of tofu (if your good with soy), but otherwise you will need to introduce eggs, fish, and other forms of protein to sustain yourself. Mind you, you'll be after more fat than protein. Also, you'll need to watch out for all those foods with hidden carbs (quinoa, kale, beans, etc.). When I say hidden, they just don't seem like high carb foods, ya know? Good luck!

os, good to 'hear' from you!

Desiree, I usually make a large egg/cheese/meat/peppers/onion casserole in a rectangular pan. I know exactly what went in, and the carb count per portion is around 5. This lasts me a few days for breakfasts and/or snacks without much effort.

LC tortilla or pita for lunch usually with meat, greens, avocado, goat cheese if I have it, or another sharp cheese. Sometimes a nitrate-free hot dog or 2 with good mustard. I like making chicken egg drop soup - chicken broth, egg, scallions if I have them, and a touch of sesame oil.

Dinner is a protein, veg. Tonight was grilled fresh-caught rockfish (very yummy) and grilled asparagus wrapped like tortillas in romaine leaves with a small amount of tomato. I have a tiny George Forman-style grill, easy to throw on a piece of well seasoned chicken or fish. Last night I made a spaghetti squash casserole: spag squash (5cho per 1/2c), ricotta, mozz, tomato sauce (can't remember the brand, but 6cho per 1/2c), and little meatballs seasoned with 5 spice. I got one serving last night, and the rest disappeared with my daughter and her husband for lunch, darn it!

I drink coffee with a dollop of heavy cream or whipped cream all day. Total is around 30 carbs per day.

I like some of the Atkins bars for snacks, or a pile of peanut butter either by itself or on a wasa light cracker.

Thanks Jrt. Sounds like an awesome WOE you've got going on there. Hope the BGs and all are good. =^)

I'm usually in a rush to the gym, by 07:30, in the mornings [Really! and I'm 65 and overweight!]
So breakfast is generally a piece of cheese or ham grabbed from the fridge in passing.If I have time at weekends, I have scrambled eggs or eggs and bacon and mushrooms

Lunch is salad, again with cheese or ham or occasionally fish. Canned Tuna is so useful.
Dinner is time for creative cooking. Meat, or fish and veggies. Made a delicious beef curry last night.
I now have a few dessert recipes too. A panna cotta, made with Truvia instead of sugar and a chocolate mousse with NO added sugar and dark 30% sugar chocolate.
I also have a Pavlova and rely on the fact that the meringue is very lightweight; or make with Truvia. The cream is made from cream cheese and creme fraiche, flavoured with vanilla. I sometimes have Greek yogurt with a drop of Truvia and half a teaspoon of honey.
Desserts are really for Sunday Dinners and special days.
I only rarely eat fruit, but sometimes share a portion with a grandchild.
Snacks are nuts.
I have my 1 bit of dark Hazelnut chocolate every evening.
I eat WELL! and keep blood glucose in the non-diabetic range pretty much ALL the time.
I use whole milk, which I keep for the children too and hardly ever buy any specialised foods. They're difficult to get in Britain, pretty much only available on-line,; so I cook from fresh ingredients

Ohh im pretty low carb but I do have 2 slices of thin toast for breakkie with cream cheese/butter 22g

lunch is 2/3 eggs with hard cheese and 200g veges also add a little salsa for flavour 12g

dinner is a low-carb dish (I cook 1 at beginning of week and freeze) with 200g veges carbs range from 10-15g

Desert= cream and sugar free jelly

But im not this good everyday :P and also have to have carbs if my sugars go low which is quite often at the moment as I am just getting used to my insulin pump. Low carb has def helped with more stability though.

Oh and snack on nuts/cheese if i feel hungry

or fruit sometimes as i can't really be to strict as i have busy lifestyle which differs from day-to-day. I think that eating like bernstein suggests would be easier for someone who has alot of routine in their life, but thats just me.

Oh NICE! thank you everyone!I love how everyone eats cheese pretty much everyday, I love cheese ;-D

Breakfast: Bacon or sausage with 2 eggs. < 2g of carbs very friendly to my dawn phenom. If I'm rushed for time protein drink made from unsweetened vanilla whey, truvia, bakers cocoa.

Lunch: usually leftovers from the previous nights dinner. If no leftovers salad with bacon, olives, pork rind faux croutons (just crumble up the pork rinds), blue cheese crumbles, ranch dressing or oil and vinegar.

Dinner: Salad with one tomato, maybe some cucumbers, ranch or oil and vinegar dressing.
Some combination of meat and veggies. Lean beef, pork or chicken. One poblano or Anaheim pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, summer squash, eggplant, olives, mushrooms, a limited quantity of tomatoes(usually with chilies added) bean sprouts, water chestnuts, spaghetti squash. I vary the types of spices I use to add variety.

Tonight I had crustless quiche. Poblano pepper, mushrooms, sausage, bacon, farm fresh eggs from a neighbor.

Snack: 2 squares of 70% chocolate with almonds and/or pecans. Or chocolate milk made with almond milk, truvia and bakers cocoa wizzed in the blender.

Pork rinds for croutons, never thought of it. Great idea, thanks!

Badmoon, what kind of unsweetened vanilla whey do you use? Great looking meals btw.

Grass-Fed Hormone-Free Vanilla Whey Protein Powder from Swanson. Whats not to like? This was recommended by Gerri in a post somewhere along the way. I had previously purchased some chocolate flavored stuff which according to the carb count would be OK despite being partially sweetened with cane juice. Luckily I tested at 1 hour and found it caused a nasty but short lived spike. The spike was gone at 2 hrs, but apparently it was enough to overwhelm my T2 pancreas. The chocolate from this brand was also sweetened so I guess vanilla is always the best choice for us.

Forgot to mention I use unsweetened almond milk for the protein drink.

BTW this brand comes from New Zealand as does our friend SarahHowells. When I was in the cattle business I did controlled grazing which involves many miles of electric fencing. I found that the best fence chargers in the world also come from New Zealand. My hat's off to you and your countryman Sarah!

Spaghetti squash casserole sounds interesting Pup. This group is a great source of low carb food ideas!