Starting out

I went on Tuesday to get my CGMS. I had the training and inserted the first sensor. So far, so good. I restarted the sensor on day 3 and it has done very well for my so far. It even woke me up the second night I had it with a low blood sugar. Very good.
About 90% of the time is is within 20 points.
Until last night that is. I have been way off since last night, but it is my fault because I calibrated when I shouldn’t have and it threw off my settings. I am working on getting it back to normal.
I may change the sensor today (day 5). I am not sure. I want to do it when my blood sugars are stable so that it starts out reading correctly.
The biggest problem I have had is that the IV 3000 patch that goes over it. I can’t seem to get it to stick! It comes up at the edges and drives me crazy. I went through one a day for the first 3 days and then I got smart and put 2 band-aids over it. One over the transmitter and one over the sensor. So far, so good. I think I may only use the IV patches if I am going to be out working hard or riding horses or something. Otherwise, I am going to stick with the band-aids.

Glad to hear you having good results with your CGMS . I use the Nexcare clear fabric tape on mine it works great and its cheap compared to the IV300.

Where did you put your sensor, I am still holding off on inserting a new sensor as I want to do my arm but have not had the nerve to try it as yet.

I use the IV3000 and it worked great for me, never came off, even after bathing. The CDE trainer gave me a hint. Put the tape on, does not have to be perfect then cup your hand/palm over it and the heat of your hand kind of seals it around the sensor and transmitter (just one). It kind of vacumn seals it.

Glad things are going well for you. :slight_smile:

I have only had one site. It is in my stomach. But when I change, I think I am going to try my thigh. I like my thigh sites with my pump, so I think that might work for the sensor too.

I tried the cupping my hand over the iv 3000 this morning when I put in my new sensor. It worked really well for me! Thanks. As long as the stuff stays stuck, I’ll be doing good. :slight_smile:

Good, I am glad it worked for you. It stayed stuck for 6 days for me through let me see yes daily bathing. :slight_smile:

Have you tried your arm yet? I have mine in my arm right now, thats one of my favorite places and the other is my hip.

No still have not, I am still being a big chicken and I talked to my husband about doing it and he could tell I was nervous, but maybe he should see that dagger going into me. :wink:

He is out of town and won’t get home until late tonight, but now that you posted this message I feel a bit braver, ty. :slight_smile:

Karen Let me know how it goes with the arm, I am scared to try it also.

I thought about the thigh, but I seem to bump things( desks, dressers etc) and am afraid to knock it out or hurt the sensor or transmitter. Let me know if you try it

Is the nexcare fabric tape good. I tried the bandaids, but got a skin rash where the bandaid was after 1 day. I guess I have sensitive skin.

Still have not gone back on the CGM. I am such a chicken!!!

I put mine back in last Monday, on thursday, the tape loosened and the sensor came out, I missed it so much, I put it back in Friday.

I use the IV 3000 tape

I use the nexcare tape and have no problem , I change the tape every day although it will stick for longer but I think I have less of a skin issue if its changed daily . I buy the clear fabric tape .

You may be allergic to latex or the adhesive that they use for that brand of bandaids. Try other brands and make sure they do not have latex in them.

Thanks, Maybe that would help to change it daily and reposition it.

I have tried a couple of brands, however maybe the latex like you said is the problem. Thanks.

I’m addicted to the CGMS. I have had it for my 7 year old son since June 2007 and even though health insurance won’t pay for it, I still manage to scrape the money together each month to buy the sensors. Its worth every cent!

just had hubby put sensor in my back, bang that thing sounds like a shot gun