Stem Cell Infusions...anyone had them?

Hey all, I’m recently diagnosed (November 20th, 2009) and was accepted to a research study for stem cell infusions from a drug called Prochymal. My first infusion is in about a week and a half, and I have a 33% chance of getting placebo (hopefully not). I was wondering if any of you have had similar (or the same) stem cell infusions before? I’ve read a bit about a stem cell study in Brazil but I’m not quite sure if it’s the same kind of study. I would love any and all input you guys might have. Thanks


Do you have link to this study? Sounds interesting. Which stem cells are they going to use? Your own stem cells (from your bone marrow) or something else?

The drug is called Prochymal. They are ‘adult’ stem cells, from bone marrow (I believe) from donors-- I don’t think they’re my own stem cells. It appears its expected to be effective for people who still have some pancreas function remaining, so it helps to be recently diagnosed. They tested me for 4 different antibodies I tested positive for GAD antibodies-- the standard ones that my body produces when it’s attacking my beta cells.

It’s in ‘Phase 2’ out of 3, which is pretty exciting not necessarily for you or me, but for future generations of Type 1’s. It seems to restore insulin production for a temporary period of time, many times for years.

I would not describe it as a drug. Prochymal is a selection of mesenchymal stem cells coming from donators. I do not know if these cells needed further preparation or if the selection process itself was the preparation. But I got the impression that the cells are pretty much in their original state when injected. This is good news to me. The idea is that the rogue T-cells that lead the autoimmune reaction will learn from these new stem cells that the tissue they are attacking belongs to the body. This way the inflammatory process causing T1 is regulated down and hopefully stopped. I have heard that this kind of treatment has even helped patients with donated organs. In this treatment they have transplanted organ and mesenchymal cells from the same donator and the immune system accepts the organ pretty well without the need of repressive drugs. No matter how this miracle happens I am pressing my thumbs that it will work for you!

Thanks for the info. I do know they take the stem cells from an adult and then reproduce it in their own laboratories. I have information stating that a single donation can be made into enough stem cells for 10,000 treatments. Interesting stuff.

Do you know what is exactly done to “made them into enough”? Do the cells just divide or is it a treatment with growth factors? I just ask to learn how the treatment works.

No not exactly, all the documentation tells me is “The cells are multiplied in our proprietary manufacturing process enabling us to treat up to 10,000 people from a single donation”

I cant wait to hear about your/group study results…crossing my fingers!