Stem cell therapy - what do you advice?

I received this by email.

Does anybody have further info about the stem cell treatments of T1D ?

Would you do this ?

I filled out the info at the site listed in the PDF doc on the website. I got a call back with in 5 minutes of submitting the app. SADLY, the treatment they have is not working well for T1 diabetics at all… What he told me on the phone is that we could (in theory) get the treatment, but all that would happen is our immune cells would attack the newly injected cells. He even went on to say that most T1 diabetics have not even gone for one year on this treatment. Don’t loose hope, they are working on it, they just don’t have the success any of us would like to see as of yet. Go Here and fill out the form if you want more info, the person I talked to was straight forward and quite honest. He even told me that they have an 80% success rate on T2 diabetics.

Is there any published evidence showing effectiveness? I think bone marrow stem cells can form a limited number of blood type cells but I don’t think they naturally or easily form insulin-producing cells though. I’m sure they can be modified to do so (eg in a laboratory) but I’d be worried that any modification might render them unsuitable for transplantation? Are the cells ‘supporting’ the pancreas in some way, rather than being expected to produce insulin? Possible I suppose, but what’s the evidence like?

The International Society for Stem Cell Research has a good handbook with questions for people to ask if they are thinking about this sort of thing

That’s not to say that researchers aren’t investigating the possible future use of stem cells in people who are newly diagnosed with Type 1 (as a possible way of rescuing the remaining beta cells before autoimmune destruction by using the stem cells to ‘reboot’ the immune system) or in people with Type 2 diabetes - but this is just in the context of a trial and not ready for use therapeutically.

Some examples of current stem cell research and diabetes here:-

One of them, a Type 2 trial suggests the hypothesis that injecting bone marrow stem cells “into the pancreas of patients with T2DM, aged more than 30 years with insulin requirement of 0.7 U/ kg body weight/day or 50 U / day whichever is lesser, will lead to abolition or reduction of insulin requirement by more than or equal to 50% in these patients over a period of 6 months. It is assumed that ABMSCT will lead these patients to regenerate functional β - cells by transdifferentiation or by regeneration of endothelial cell which in turn cause β - cells neogenesis by paracrine effect.”
[ABMSCT = autologous bone marrow stem cell transplant]

…but I don’t think we can know this until the results are published.


HI Haya,

I agree with James.

I infact contacted the xcell center and sent my blood smaple to them. They didnt guarnatee me the result instead they asked me to pay 25000 EUR and be admitted there then its up to my body to accept or no. I was going to do it but at the last moment i asked about the side effect. They said if my body reject the implant then i have to be on anti resistance medicin for the rest of my life and if i dont serious complication will be there.

I didnt go for it coz to me i didnt want to take a chance with a high risk. I am sure they will come up with something solid soon inshalla.

I am on insulin pupm now for more than a year and its doing fine with me alhamdulilah. If you need any help to know about the Pump i will be more than happy to assist you. By the way i live in Dubai and i am sure that you will know the hospital and the doctor that i am treated with.



I agree ; I got the same answers from some Docs in my family…

Hi Bebo ;

yes ; is it the AHD ? they have two diabetes specialists, one is German :wink: