Stem Cells Converted to Insulin-Producing Cells – What Do You Make of These Findings?

Diabetes News Hound ran an article today about how researchers have converted human skin cells from two people with Type 1 diabetes into cells that produce insulin in response to sugar. Experts say the findings are encouraging, but are still very preliminary. What’s your take?

You can read the full article here.

Yes, preliminary. Like Sarah Ferber’s (University of Tel Aviv) research somewhat along these lines. Converting the person’s own liver cells to insulin producing cells. She is now experimenting with chimps so I believe her research is a little farther along. Heard about her three years ago and glad she is now working on animal models. I say bring it on!

Yes, Chris, I would like to receive the news alerts. I will check out the site now. Aside from checking Science Daily, children with diabetes, and my favorite joshualevy, sometimes DiabetesMine, I don’t have too many other resources. Also JDRF and DRI websites, of course.