Stemwinder (Gary) Joins the TuD Admin Team!

We are always looking for ways to improve the TuDiabetes Community for our membership (which I must say is teetering at nearly 30,000 members now!). One of these crucial steps is identifying members to assist with the behind-the-scenes duties that help ensure our community remains a great place to visit for friendships, news, and information.

One of the members has stepped up to the task and has actually been helping out for about a month now, but we have yet to make a formal statement to the community at large.

To that end, it is my pleasure to officially announce that Stemwinder (Gary) has recently accepted a position on the TuDiabetes Administrative Team! We are very excited to see him fill this new roll and hope that you will help by welcoming him as well!

Thank you Gary!!

YAY Gary!

congratulations gary!

BRAVO Gary!!!


Congratulations, Gary, you've always contributed much behind the lines so I'm sure you will do so as well in front of the camera (mixing metaphors!)

Congrats Gary. Welcome to the official team.

Congratulations, Gary. The admin. team is so important; well, where would TuD be without all of you?



Gary has been helpful with my groups while I've been ill, and I've asked him to continue.

Glad to hear that he will have more opportunities to contribute to the community!

Way to go Gary!

Awesome! Thanks for all you do for this group!


WOOHOOO!!!!! Welcome, Gary!!

Congrats Gary! And thanks for your help yesterday :)

Thanks Everyone for the support and encouragement. Our TuDiabetes family is the greatest and has done so much for me. I hope I am able to give a little bit back.


Thank You Gary ...very generous of YOU to give back to TuD and people living with diabetes !!!

Congratulations Gary and Thank You!

Congratulations, Gary.