Welcome our new Administration Team Members!

Some of you may have noticed the listing of Administration Team members has been updated in recent weeks. Please join me in welcoming Maureen (@Pastelpainter) and Bill (@Drbb) to the team!

It’s likely you’ve come across Maureen and Bill in the forum. Both are long-time TuDiabetes members and have generously shared their knowledge and support in the community. I am thrilled that they have accepted the added responsibility of being on the Admin Team and serve the community in a new way.

Many thanks and a warm welcome to you both!


I extend to both Maureen and Bill a welcome and thank-you for taking on this added responsibility. I’ve enjoyed interacting with both of you over the years. I wish each of you the best in your new roles!


Excellent choices


Very cool :sunglasses:

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Congratulations, Maureen and Bill! Thank you for all of your time and effort given to the DOC and especially to TuDiabetes!

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Do all the members of the administration either have diabetes or have some personal connection to the disease? Generally, I find that no matter how much people know about it, whether they are endocrinologists, professors of medicine, or researchers, they in fact understand nothing about what it is like in real life unless they have personally dealt with it.

Glad to have you. Congratulations! @Seydlitz, II’m pretty sure. I know that the two who they just brought to admin have it because I recognize them from the forum. I don’t think we have any members from outside our community…except for a troll here and there.

Yes, we do! Our connections are listed here. Our role is to help community members with navigating the forum, understanding the community guidelines, and, like any other member, supporting, encouraging and sharing information with each other.