Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes

Hey there everyone!

So, I'm still new to the world of diabetes, and I'm pretty alone out here in the real world, not having a doc or an endo...Pretty much feel totally alone out there..

Until I found out the ADA is putting on a walk in my city in about 6 weeks! A walk to fight for a cure for Diabetes. It looks really awesome, I cant wait til the event, I hope to meet as many people as I can.

I even volunteered to help raise money for the event. I'm starting out small, and set my goal to 150$!

Basically I wanted to see if anyone wants to go!?! the event is in Sacramento, CA at our state's Capitol building. Its pretty much just a small walk through downtown Sacramento. There is going to be entertainment and fun stuff there!! if anyone is in/near the Sacramento area and wants to meet up maybe and go for a walk, please let me know!

or if you'd like to make a contribution to the cause, please feel free to!

You can contribute through the American Diabetes Assosiation's website,

Or you could help sponsor me, and donate on my behalf. I've set my goal low.

I only need to raise 150$ myself, and the event is being held on October 9th.

For information on how to sponsor me, you can find my page here:

I posted information on the event, but you can find more information through the website.

Thanks a bunch everyone, and I hope to see you all out there!!!