Steroid-induced Type II

This is a marvelous site, thank you for all your efforts! I’m new to full-fledged Type II, and don’t seem to be picking up on what to do for which symptoms, I’ve been dealing with hayfever/asthma/nasal polyps for 30 years (I’m over 60), and we’ve seen the diabetes coming, but it’s stumping me now (I never felt “symptoms” before, i.e., headaches, extreme tiredness on exertion).
There are no hereditary factors causing my diabetes, it is steroid-induced from having to use Prednisone (high periodic doses during bronchitis roughly once a year), in addition to long years of inhaled steroids (Advair discus), and it has been creeping up on me for quite awhile.
In 2000 I began therapy for a rare lung complication (vasculitis in lungs) of persons with aspirin or asthma triad, possibly caused by the meds. After a year of therapy on high doses of prednisone, damage was controlled by just 1 mg daily for 8 years, and I was elated to be able to drop this two months ago (continuing Advair morning and evening).
However, after allowing 6 weeks for the familiar aches and pains rebound to wear off from dropping Prednisone, I suddenly began getting much higher BGs! what a disappointment! I’m advised it takes 5 or 6 months for the steroid effect to wear off and my blood cells to renew, and am being patient for that.
Meanwhile, I’m taking amoxicillin for sinus infection, a 21-day course.
Sinus is slowly clearing (I’m half way through the antibiotic course), but I’m getting headaches, something I never get much, and have never had before when taking it for bronchitis. They are in my upper forehead and to the top of my head.
I’m wondering if these headaches are caused by the high blood sugar?
Or perhaps the antibiotic? Or the combination?
I’m confused; and am hunting for a new doctor. I feel a little better when I eat, but it comes back too early (2 hours) for me to eat again.
I’m taking Metformin 1/2 tablet with breakfast (one whole gives me diarrhea) and 1 whole with dinner.
I’m so disappointed that the dropping of oral prednisone has not yet lowered the blood glucose, although I am losing a few kilos, no doubt much of it water.
I used to swim twice a week but unable to get there for the last two years, am working on that. I am also unusually tired with slightest exercise. I’m well aware the lack of exercise is playing a big role here, but I don’t feel well enough to undertake it quite yet.
Any advice on the headaches, antibiotics and BG?