Still around

I’ve been watching my numbers and I just don’t see a pattern. I use the Calorie King software to help me keep track of what I eat and I wish it had an entry for BG, too. I’m not doing it this week because I have other stuff to do but Sunday or Monday, I will start adding the calories and carbs for meals along side the BG in the spreadsheet that I keep.

I’ve had some fun times watching my BG numbers. One morning I woke up with 114. Went to Waffle House to have my BLT (which normally doesn’t raise my BG) and a salad. An hour later I was feeling crappy. 182. Another hour, only down to 174.Two hours after that, 86.

Another day, morning reading of 93 (I’d slept for 12hrs!!). Had breakfast and it went to 132 @ 2hrs. Four hours after eating, I feel really bad. All I’d been doing was working on the computer. Took my BG and it was 73. My lowest so far. After a snack and a meal, it jumped to 167. Freakin’ see-saw.

Maybe there’s not a pattern. Maybe my bod is kinda lost and just can’t seem to make up its mind.

Oh, and exercise didn’t drop my BG the one time I tried it. The day I mentioned above, I couldn’t use my pedal machine but another day it spiked to 176. An hour later, it was at 145 so I decided to pedal for a while. The BG raised to 158! I just don’t get it.

Right now, I am more focused on getting into better eating habits (I’ve lost 6 lbs) and learning portions and learning plating etc. Now it is time to tie in the food to the BG numbers. Are specific foods spiking me? (I suspect potatoes are gonna have to go) Are other foods bringing it down?