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Today I woke up with a BG of 147, I was so disappointed, 2 hours after breakfast my BG was 201 (had pork and beans, 3 pcs cracker and a half cup of non-fat milk), I cried and cried... don't know what to do, I feel terrible, out of anger I pop the pill into my mouth! An hour before lunch my BG was 161... I felt secure for a while... at 3pm while at the market, I felt sleepy and weak and hungry, my husband ask me if I wanna go to Mcdonald, I definitely said yes! When we arrive, I went straight to the Comfort room, I was shaking already and feeling funny, I can't focus... While my husband was ordering, I check my BG it's 71, isn't 71 still in a normal range? why am I shaking? is it too low for me? I drank regular coke (half cup) and took fillet-o'-fish and 1 chocolate (kisses). after 15 minutes, I check it 109, good... I feel better (that was 3:30pm)... went home and check my emails and chat with friends online, though feeling so sleepy... but I feel fine... out of curiosity I check my BG again its 198 at 5:15pm! Whats happening to me??? This is so frustrating... cried again... my husband was with me, though I know he pity me but don't know what to do either... went out for a walk... when I came back that was before dinner, my BG was 128... Hmmm... frustrating... i said i don't wanna take medicines again but I got no choice... now (while typing this) 2 hours After dinner my BG was 167... but i felt soooo hungry, I don't know what to take... before... if I felt hungry I will just eat 1 banana and a cup of milk... (but I learned that banana will make your blood sugar shoot up!) I need your advise... again...

I thought I just have to lose weight and eventually my diabetes will be controlled, I used to be 88 kilos (193.6 lbs) but with exercise and diet I am now 79 kilos (173.8 lbs).... 19.8 pounds lighter!... my target weight is 135 lbs, I need to lose 38.5 pounds more! whew!

Please help me pray so I could find a job soon (a company that will not descriminate me, my last job... i wasn't regularize because of my D!), so, I could afford to pay a diabetologist!